Those attending the Hot Wheels Convention in LA, you’re gonna get some cool cars.

With the Matchbox Gathering in the books, it is time to look forward to the Hot Wheels Convention in Los Angeles this October.  (Well, there is JCCS as well, and the diecast presence there continues to grow, but that is a story for later.).  There are a million reasons to go to the LA Convention, among them the exclusives you will come home with.

The good folks who run the Convention, Mark and Jennifer Millhollin, run the Convention Facebook Page as well, and it is a page you should follow.  If you do follow the page, then you have seen the Convention Exclusives, and they are awesome.  There are three Convention Models, available only to attendees to purchase.  And here are the three this year:

Obviously, the 510 (second with opening hood after the upcoming RLC) will get the most attention, especially among the California attendees, but the other two are no slouches.  Even the proclaimed non-fan of the Drag Bus who is typing this can get behind the deco it sports.

And these are just the three Convention models.  There is still a Dinner Model, an RLC model, a Finale Car, and a whole lot of other exclusives.  If you can make the Convention every fall or Nationals every spring, you really should.  Go for the models, stay for the fun.

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  1. I really wish I could go to one of these. And not only for these cars. The Datsun…so nice. I have yet to find one in a store. Id love to just take in all the cars. See what older mainlines are for sale. See if any races are happening. The How Wheels community is amazing. Wish I could see this just once. And load up on some cars.
    Just curious as to how Id get tickets?

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