M2 Machines goes JDM with the new Auto-Japan Walmart Exclusives. Here is a preview.

Don’t say it.  DON’T SAY IT!!

This is not Lamley Hype. This is not JDM Hype.  This is not a diecast manufacturer just trying to tap into the JDM buzz.

This is a new set of tremendous models from M2.

This is M2 reflecting the interests of the car world, and nailing it.  This is filling a clear gap with classic Japanese cars in 1/64, both stock and custom, all with an accurate period-correct look.  This is M2’s take, and with designers like Sean Taylor at the helm it is always a unique take.

This is what will surely be a crazy popular set, with three eye-catching chases, including a gorgeous raw Hakosuka Super Chase.

This is a set that could hit as early as this week, only at Walmart.  And THIS is a preview:


9 Replies to “M2 Machines goes JDM with the new Auto-Japan Walmart Exclusives. Here is a preview.”

    1. Right there with you, Carlos. I will not support Walmart. I’ll wait for the non-Walmart cars to become available.

    2. I hate Wal-Mart also…..but I like these cars more than I hate Wal-Mart. You guys stay away from Wal-Mart ok? More chances for me to score these.

  1. These are so cool. Finally some Tomica-like releases that you don’t have to order! (yeah yeah yeah, I know they’re not up to Tomica’s build quality, but still). I anticipate these being extremely hard to find though…hope I’m wrong about that, guess we’ll see. They’re all beautiful, but I think I’m most excited for the Hakosukas

  2. My neck of the woods these things will be impossible to find. In the pictures they look sweet. I’m expecting them to be as good in person.

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