The incredible Honda Civic Type R & Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X from Tarmac Works


Further evidence that this is the best era to be collecting 1/64.

Basic brands like Hot Wheels and Matchbox continue to churn out fantastic models at very cheap prices.  And on the other side, the premium brands are producing more quality then ever.

I think we US collectors still need to get used to premium stuff.  There was Johnny Lightning before, and then Greenlight, M2, and Auto World.  Honestly, with all we have seen from those brands lately, we have gotten that premium itch scratched.

But there is even a next level.  Most of these brands are coming from Asia and Europe.  Brands like Schuco and Minichamps in Europe, as well as Tomica Limited Vintage, Kyosho, and now Tarmac Works in Asia.  I know I am missing all kinds of brands, but hopefully you catch my drift.

Having been reared on Hot Wheels and Matchbox, like most here, it is hard to think of 1/64 just for display.  That is what many of these 1/64 premium brands are.  Think of them as smaller versions of the wildly popular 1/43 scale models selling like hot cakes in Japan and elsewhere.

And that is what Tarmac Works is.  A premium 1/64 brand creating some of the most beautiful and accurate display models around.  They are gorgeous.  And they fill a gap.  More modern cars, and more racing and rally cars.  We’ve seen some from Kyosho, but not as specific as Tarmac Works.

And they keep getting better.  What Tarmac Works has done in its first year is astounding.

Case in point, the new Honda Civic Type R and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.  My reaction on the video above is genuine.  Once you see these in person you can’t help but be amazed.  The detail in such a small scale is incredible.


These models are not cheap, but considering how fast they sell out, you know there is an audience for them.  I am one of those folks.  We will see how collectors here in the US start adjusting.  It is worth the money, and upcoming models will prove it even more.

6 Replies to “The incredible Honda Civic Type R & Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X from Tarmac Works”

  1. THese are nice models. Definitely on par with the Kyosho, Minichamps, AutoArts, etc. I don’t care is the rest of America gets it. I do. I hope they branch out to other types of models.

  2. Lamley, if your reading this, I’d love to add a blue Hong Kong toy show exclusive eg6 civic to my collection, if your in the market to part with yours or know someone that is.

    Back to the cars. I have several eg6’s and the new type r and can attest to the quality. They are amazing and definitely worth the premium price tag and wait time to have them shipped to the US. I will be adding one of the Audi R8’s and def a few variations of the lancer to my collection. With all that said, these are definitely not toys. They don’t have moving parts or even wheels that roll. They are display pieces and they are amazing at it.

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