The Hot Wheels Lamborghini set has hit the US, exclusively at Walmart.

Just a heads up to hit your local Walmart, if of course you haven’t already.  The new Lamborghini special assortment from Hot Wheels has hit.  A nice selection of models, simple decos, and crazy cool card art.


I found them at a stop here in New Mexico, although long lines at the register kept me from buying them.  I am sure I will see them again.


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  1. These brand-specific assortments that Mattel does with Walmart are just fantastic…definitely one of the highlights of collecting for me. There are a couple odd casting choices here…the Countach in particular stands out for how old it is, although it’s nice that they spiced it up with the headlight tampo it never got back in the day. Ultimately I’m just happy that they continue to do stuff like this. I’m less excited for this set than for the past BMW and Porsche ones, but I’ll still be hunting for these.

    1. The Aventador J has been getting a lot of love in the form of the Exotics 5-packs…it’s showed up there 2 or 3 times in the past couple years. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind if they switched out the Urus for the J.

  2. Oddly these have been on sale here in the U.K. for quite a few months now. Firstly through Toys R Us and now ASDA so these havnt been designed exclusively for the mighty Wal-Mart as such. A great selection of mainly modern castings and beautifully stylised packaging.

  3. The cherry on top of the cake is that the red Countach has a metal base.

    P.S – India has been swimming in this set for 3-4 months now.

  4. In Bulgaria I was surprised to notice that the price of the models was equal to the standard ones. Usually it`s a bit higher for such sets, but not this time. Which is cool though.

  5. I went to my Walmart yesterday and they didn’t have the Lamborghini set yet. So I’m still on the hunt for the Lamborghini set thumbs up.

  6. I got mine and they’re only $1 each. This is in Texas. I don’t know where it’s $2.14 but, those people are being screwed over.

    1. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that some of the Walmart-specific basic assortments are normal price, and others are about $2, and I think it has to do with how extensive the tampo designs are. Again, just my speculation.

  7. That countach casting could really use an update. In fact it’s about 25 years overdue for one (which reminds me, the 25th anniversary countach was also made into a hot wheels, and its casting was much, much better than this one ever was, but the 25th ann. countach is also much, much uglier. Still kind of a surprise they brought out this very old casting when a much better one would have sufficed instead)

    Also kind of dismayed to see the OG Murcielago instead of the SV. I have enough Murcielagos but my only SV was ruined by a kid, would love to get another one at a non-ebay-inflated price. Luckily the Murcielago still looks great

  8. My mouth is foaming. I almost picked up the Tooned Countach just out of desperation to have a Countach in my collection. Glad HW are bringing it back.

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