2017 is the year of the Datsun 510 Rally. Be ready.

The next phase of the JDM small-scale takeover is here.  Prepare for Datsun 510 Rally overload.  It’s gonna be awesome.

The 510 Rally is here.

Within the last few days, both Tomica Limited Vintage and M2 Machines have unveiled 510 Rallys, in very similar liveries.

The M2 510 is part of the brand new Auto Japan series, which will be hitting Walmart in the next few weeks, if not days.  The Tomica Limited Vintage comes out this fall/winter, and can be preordered now at Japan Booster:

TLV Datsun 510 Rally Pre-Order at Japan Booster

Very similar right?  And if you think you have seen a similar liver before, and you are not well-studied in the history of Datsun Bluebird racing, you saw it in Hot Wheels Car Culture:


Slightly different takes and details, but the look is the same.  This is the 510 Safari Rally livery, and while not nearly as iconic as the BRE livery, it is pretty darn iconic.

That is three, all within the year.

But don’t forget Matchbox.  This fall also marks the debut of their 510 Rally.  And it isn’t just livery here.  The whole casting is Rally, from the mud flaps to front fender flares to its high stance to Matchbox’s own little touch, the roof rack.

Different livery, but maybe the most Rally.


Who knows what the next phase will be.  For now, soak in the rally cars for a bit, and get your hunting caps on.

7 Replies to “2017 is the year of the Datsun 510 Rally. Be ready.”

  1. Wow, these are beautiful…definitely have to keep my eyes open at WallyWorld…I have a feeling this won’t hang around like so many M2 vehicles do.

    1. I agree. M2 makes some nice castings (albeit with those incorrect skinny tires), but the horrible quality isn’t worth the amount of money they command. I refuse to pay $6.00 for a premium model that’s fallen apart in its display shell.

  2. Yup, the quality thing keeps me away from M2 too. Now, if Autowold made an import series, that’s where my money would go.

  3. All these are really cool,but the one that is coming soon is the one that is a must have from HOTWHEELS. this one will be “”BAD ASS””. Pictures are all over the internet.

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