The Lamley Daily: 2010 Matchbox VW Porsche 914-6 Gathering of Friends Exclusive

#lamleydaily – July 19, 2017

Leading up to the Matchbox Gathering Convention this week, it’s gonna be all Event Exclusives from years past, leading up to showcases on this year’s models.

IMG_5921 2

Model: Matchbox VW Porsche 914-6

Line: 2010 Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention Exclusive

Where to find it: Ebay, if it ever pops up

Why it’s in the collection: Are you noticing a rekindling of love for the 914?  I am talking about in the car world.  Maybe its Magnus, but the 914 is having a bit of a resurgence.  Hot Wheels has their 914, and Matchbox has one too.  Matchbox beat HW to the punch, and their stock 914 is far superior.  In my opinion.

And this Gathering Exclusive is the overall winner.  Outside of the logo on the hood, this model is CLEAN, and drop-dead gorgeous in spectraflame blue.  It is also one of my favorite Gathering models, which is saying something considering the beauties Matchbox puts together every year.

3 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: 2010 Matchbox VW Porsche 914-6 Gathering of Friends Exclusive”

  1. One of my favorite Matchbox castings from my favorite era. This one showed everything that was right with Matchbox. The proportions are dead on and the paint and tampo quality somehow feels better than today. I rarely found cars from this era with misaligned tampos or other such issues (where as Hot Wheels was littered with them and still is). Also I really hope Matchbox will make a 718 Boxster (with top up) this year so it can sit beside the 914. Okay I’m getting carried away lol, I’ll stop. Thanks for showing this!

  2. Underrated. I think this casting goes well with the “You don’t know what you have until you don’t have it.” tale. This was the norm 10 years ago. Happy to see a new version of this “Golden Age” coming around, though! Happy to have one of these Gathering 914’s in my collection.

  3. This is indeed underrated. I have a handful of the releases, but am lacking some…most notably the Lesney Edition, which I’d REALLY love to get. Personally the Gathering models don’t hold too much interest for me, simply because of the added graphics. I know the graphics are the point for a special event-only model, but for once I’m not distressed to lack a particular example of a casting I love.

    The 914 is getting some serious love in the real world too…examples of the 914-6 are reaching into six figures now…crazy.

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