Here are the three US Majorette models limited to one per case.

My good friend Chuck Wiersma posted this to his Instagram the other day:

Chuck explains things better than I can.  The Audi R8, white Nissan GT-R, and Audi A1 are limited to one per case.

Majorette doesn’t do chase models, but they do make some models harder to find than others.  In the case of the Toys R Us Exclusive Series 1, they selected one from each assortment to limit.  Based on Chuck’s observation, as well as what I have heard from many others, these are the three.

In case you need a refresher on all the models, I showcased them a few days ago.

Of these three limited models, the R8 is brand new.  In fact, the US is the first location it is being released.  So keep an eye out when you visit TRU.

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  1. Looks like they are only limited for the US. We got the white GT-R and A1 in a different series and they’re not limited. The R8 has not landed here in India yet (I don’t know which series its coming in). Hopefully it’ll come soon along with the rest of the models.

  2. Found them pegged 2 weeks ago but couldn’t purchase till today. Got both colors of the GT-R the Fiesta rally car and an unspun Camaro. Also series 1 of the Jada JDM tuners.

  3. The R8 is a real beauty…The $3.49 price point is a bummer in my opinion…I passed all the Majorettes up when I saw them in my local Toys R Us last week because I was getting some other stuff, but I may have to go back and see if I can find a couple. Definitely going to have to pick and choose at this price though.

    1. Majorette sell for $3 in Thailand (the country of production) so charging $3.49 in the US isn’t excessive.

  4. The price of Majorette is exactly the same as in Europe. Here Matchbox and Hot Wheels are sold for near 2 euros, so there is nothing to complain about. You can not expect castings with opening doors and plastic lights to be sold for $ 1.

    1. I certainly do not expect the extra features of the Majorettes at the same price as Matchbox. What I DO expect, however, are for some of the details to be better. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have DETAILED headlights and taillights (rather than just a swath of silver or red paint; and yes I realize some of the headlights are clear plastic, which is cool), and some better wheels. If Mattel does better wheels for 1/3 of the price, then it’s clear there’s room for improvement. I’m not hating on Majorette…I think it’s fantastic that they’re back in the U.S., but for me the price is a little high considering the issues I have with them.

      1. As I said in Europe we pay 2 Euro for Matchbox and Hot Wheels witch is $ 2,30. The price of Мajorette is not good for all of us of course, but it is the same in Asia and Europe. There is something else – the details of the models are much better than those of Mattel and that’s what everyone can tell you. I have a lot of Majorette and I can say that chassis, glass, engines, lights and interiors and last but not least wheel suspension are over what man gets from Mattel. Majorette have a problem with some varieties of wheels, but it is negligible against the active elements, exclusivity and especially adherence to realism. There are many models of Majorette that are exact copies of real cars, especially the racing cars. The scale is usually 1:55 or 3 inches, but which other manufacturer offers all this at such a price?

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