The Lamley Daily: Auto World 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

#lamleydaily – July 17, 2017


Model: Auto World 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

Line: Auto World Hemmings

Where to get it: Auto World Plymough Roadrunner on ebay

Why it’s in the collection:  Honestly I don’t know how I pass up on Auto World these days, especially on that looks like this one.  AW’s commitment to realism and scale make them stand out compared to other 1/64 groups, and when they apply that detail to models as good-looking as the Road Runner, buying on is a no-brainer.  While muscle cars can feel a bit overplayed at times, there hasn’t been many replicas as nice as these in 1:64.  I would love to see AW do more.

The Road Runner is finally returning later this year.  I will be sure to get both releases.

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  1. Do you know if the1973 Plymouth Road Runner model been released yet? I have been looking for quite a while and would love to find one for my husband. thank you

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