Case Report: 2017 Matchbox J Case

The Matchbox J 24-count Case has arrived, with a bit of a surprise.

Wheel Collectors just got a pallet of J Cases, and as always they opened one at random for a Photo Case Report.  All the models are now listed at the Wheel Collectors Store:

Matchbox 2017 Batch J at Wheel Collectors

There are a few new models in here, and some nice repeats.  Let’s get to the case, and then the surprise:

A nice case indeed.  The new BMW i3 and Jeep Gladiator are very nice new models.

The talk of this case, however, will undoubtedly be the VW Golf Country.  Not only is it a highly anticipate model, and a VW (which always excited collectors), but it is not the VW Golf Country we expected.


If you remember, the new VW Golf Country was previewed here a couple of months ago. After first previewing the green model with 10-spokes, Matchbox sent a later sample of the model in a more appropriate Montana Green with chrome-lipped 5-spokes.

I was told the Montana Green model would be the official release, after Matchbox decided to go with what they thought was a more appropriate color and wheels.  So I did a new post with the new model.


I didn’t think the green would be released, but it was, and now we wait and see if the Montana Green arrives later.  Time will tell.

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  1. I’ve already found the Ram, brown Volvo, grey Mazda and grey Golf at Walmart, so either I missed a case or the scalpers already got the Gladiator, Country Golf and BMW. I’ll be in Ohio this weekend, so I’ll look for them up there. And I can always une another Chrysler 300 and Pit King.

      1. The Wheel Collector guys were out of town when it arrived. They actually sent photos and I will post it later.

  2. Very nice case with great carryovers to spare! The wants for me, like anyone else, will be the Gladiator, the i3, the Chrysler 300 and the Golf Country (Three of which are new models! Sweeeet!) The thing is I can’t find the H case anywhere. It’s been out for a couple of weeks and no Walmart or Target in my area has gotten them. Either old G case or nothing at all! I really want that Golf, Miata, and Volvo! Please Mattel, step up the distribution!

  3. YES… I have been waiting for the new Jeep Gladiator……
    let the Chopping begin!
    It is just so have to tell though by the picture….
    it is supposed to have “new wheels” is that correct?
    I cannot tell by the picture.

  4. Oh boy! This is such a loaded case! Golf Country, Golf GTI, Miata, Gladiator, 300C, i3, V60 and Ram! That’s a lot of desirable models. I had a hunch that the green Golf Country would show up in early runs and it turns out I was right.

    P.S – Please do a comparison post of the green Golf and Fiat 500X if possible.

  5. I miss also the Case H Report and from this Case J the 3 Cars # 51/125 MBXcavator , # 108/125 Cliff Hanger and ….. On your report are only 21 Cars . Thanks from Germany

  6. Thank you for the case report! I think we’re missing three vehicles; I only count 21 in the photos. The case looks like it’s got a repeat of the Travel Tracker in the bottom right corner, but I can’t quite make out the other two.

    1. I just saw and it seems either John forgot to post one photo or it didn’t get uploaded due to some glitch. You can see the 2nd photo and it shows the full 24 cars. The 3 in the bottom right didn’t show up.

      1. Looks like it’s been added back in now. The Cliff Hanger was the one I couldn’t see from the case photo.

        Thank you, John!

  7. I’m really glad they decided to release the first color of the Golf. Much as I appreciate accuracy in historic colors, the green they’re releasing first is a color I like more just based on how it looks.

  8. Best case I think since the make over of MBX! Love tthe 300 was waiting for it, would had loved to had it been in black maybe at some point. The only thing I could do without is the Snow Ripper but great case. The new editions spot on keep’em coming!

  9. Best case I’ve seen in a long time. I am worried about finding some of these though, considering I’ve never seen the red debut MX-5 in person.

  10. Okay NOW I see the cherry picking that has happened near me. I had only seen the brown Volvo and a number of the glass king or whatever the glass truck is called. Now on my nearly annual trek from Texas to Ohio, I luckily came across the new color Miata and the got, bought both of them one at a time in two different states. I surely hope to come across one keep and the golf is high on my want list, where I think my brother has sworn off the BMW bikes for now, I think he might enjoy the i3.

  11. Around here the H case did show up at WalMart, but it was a complete sell out. I found a few but a couple days later there wasn’t any thing left to even note there arrival. Have to hope dollar tree gets them, l have better luck there.

  12. OK, now I get to eat my words, THIS is the case that has just hit the local Dollar Tree stores near me in far North Houston. ONLY 90 days later from the lamley/Hobby opening, wow Matchbox, who exactly is in control of your distributorship and merchandising?

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