The Lamley Daily: 2006 Matchbox Superfast 4×4 Chevy Van

#lamleydaily – July 11, 2017


Model: Matchbox 4×4 Chevy Van

Line: 2006 Superfast

Where to get it: 2006 Matchbox Superfast 4×4 Chevy Van on eBay 

Why it’s in the collection:  The 4×4 Chevy Van has been around for a very long time.  Matchbox revamped it for the 2006 Superfast line before converting the tool into a non-4×4 version.  If I remember correctly, this was the last 4×4.  And it is the only 4×4 Chevy Van I have.  It seemed the perfect one to have, because it sports the best deco.  Matchbox-themed, with a little vintage flare.  It will never look better.

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  1. Generally speaking, I don’t like the 4X4 version of the Chevy Van, but I agree that this is the one to have. A classic deco, and full tampos really lift this casting (so to speak 😉 ) to a different level. I’d have picked this up if I had been able to find one on the pegs.

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