The brand new Sterling Protector Cases are out, and Lamley Readers get a special discount today on Amazon Prime Day

Some big news from our friends at Sterling Protector Cases.  I have said before that these are best protectors for Hot Wheels and Matchbox models, with how sturdy they are, how they display, and how the cards fit nicely in the protector.

That doesn’t stop the gang at Sterling Protectors to constantly work at improving where they can.  And there was a feeling the plastic could be even clearer.  So they set out to make the protectors more clear, and they have succeeded.  Still super sturdy, still roomy for the cards, and still great for display.  But now a more clear plastic.

Sterling Protectors for Amazon Prime

And there is no better way to introduce the new protector than here on Amazon Prime Day.  Sterling is offering special pricing on Prime Day for everyone, but even more for Lamley readers.

The LAMLEY05 promo code at checkout for 5% off is in place, like it always is.  On Prime Day customers can get the LAMLEY 5% plus the Amazon Prime Day 5% for a full 10% discount.  The Amazon Prime Day discount does not require a code, so by simply entering the LAMLEY05 code a 10% discount should be applied on Prime Day.

The Amazon Prime Day 5% discount will be in effect 9 pm PDT today, July 10, through midnight PDT, Tuesday, July 11.

That means now.  Use the link below and have at it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sterling Protectors for Amazon Prime

Remember, this ends tomorrow at midnight.


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