The Lamley Daily: 2006 Matchbox Mercedes-Benz E430 Wagon

#lamleydaily – July 10, 2017


Model: Matchbox Mercedes-Benz E430 Wagon

Line: 2006 Basic Range (Lace-wheel variant)

Where to get it: Matchbox Mercedes-Benz E430 on ebay

Why it’s in the collection:  It’s a great casting for one, and it’s a great release for another.  This was the last time the non-police version of the E430 was released, and to me it was the best.  Matchbox kept the metal chassis for this one, and released in black, which is the color I have seen on most of these.

This particular version has lace wheels.  The model was released with the dreaded flower wheels, but a small number appeared with lace.  I like them much better.  Still, the flower wheels don’t kill this model.  It is too nice in black.

When talking Matchbox Euro Wagons, the Volvo V60 and Audi RS6 Avant come to mind, but this one shouldn’t be ignored.  If anything, it can hold more cargo.

4 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: 2006 Matchbox Mercedes-Benz E430 Wagon”

  1. What an awesome model! This is what I want to see more of from Matchbox! Not the Datsun 510 or whatever. I hope 2018 has a lot more euro models than 2017 did (2017 was a bit disappointing). Can we also have Audi back?

  2. I’ve always loved and wanted this one. The round headlights on the e class blew me away in 96. It was such a welcome styling break from Mercedes benz.

  3. Definitely a nice model, and an awesome simple deco, but I don’t see it as being equal to the V60 and RS6 Avant. Something about the proportions make it look a little bulkier than the real thing…or maybe it’s the ride height, I can’t quite put my finger on it. To me, the RS6 and V60 are tied for Matchbox wagon perfection. Shame about the taillight tampo alignment too…

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