The mind-blowing Hot Wheels Ferrari Collection and display of Rizal Salleh.

A few weeks ago someone shared some pics with me of a Hot Wheels Ferrari collection he had seen.  I might have spent way too much time looking at them.  But how could I not?

Not only was the collection something to behold, but how they were displayed was even better.  Beautiful wall displays, color coordination, models well-organized, customs, rarities, it didn’t stop.

Diecast can be wall art for sure, if done right.  For me personally, packaging doesn’t work on the wall.  But cars put together in displays done well surely can.  Rizal Salleh, the owner of this stunning collection, surely agrees with me.  It is one of the best specific collections I have ever seen, and I wanted to share it.

So below, after this Instagram link so you know where to find him, is a load of photos of Rizal Salleh’s collection.  Click on them all.  Many thanks to Rizal for sharing, and I hope you enjoy.

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10 Replies to “The mind-blowing Hot Wheels Ferrari Collection and display of Rizal Salleh.”

    1. One of the pics I saw some Gulf and a BRE car. Guessing GL GT-R’s. Mostly I see Ferrai though. Displays are awesome.

  1. Wow! I’d actually love to see more Lamley blog posts/videos about collection display and storage. Deep in the pull of diecast all of my horizontal surfaces are covered and the display case in your video backgrounds gets me drooling.

  2. Wow…very impressive. In “image 5422” I’m a little surprised to see a Zender Fact 4…this one, specifically:

    I doubt the collector thinks it’s a Ferrari (or maybe he does), and I’d be curious to know why it’s neck deep in Ferraris all around it. That anomaly aside, this is a seriously crazy collection. He has more resolve than I would have…the cringe-worthy Matchbox Ferrari F40 in neon orange with black alligator-skin pattern and solid neon yellow windows is one I probably would have conveniently ignored, but overall I’m definitely jealous.

  3. I wouldn’t have a place to live if my wife came home and saw this.
    Insane collection and to have multiples of RARE variations.. just awesome!

  4. Better value those Hot Wheels greatly now that the license is expired!
    For me, this is a blur, but, up close it’s mostly appreciated.
    So dedicated! Beautiful gallery setup, my friends.

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