There are a lot of highlights in the Hot Wheels N Case

I got a few models from Wheel Collectors today.  It is quite the group:

I am already chomping at the bit to feature some of these, particularly the Nissan GT-R and McLaren F1.  Or the VW’s.  Or the classic ’67 Camaro.  Good story angles for all.

What do you want to see first?

7 Replies to “There are a lot of highlights in the Hot Wheels N Case”

  1. Awesome new N Case mainline hotwheels you got congrats thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up. I would like to see you review the 1967 camaro first thumbs up.

  2. McLarennnnnnn first!!! Yeah yeah yeah, I know there’s a new GT-R in there, but come on…The F1 is an epic comeback.

  3. I’m not a fan of genetics and fantasy cars but the Time Shifter is pretty cool. I’ve seen a customized Time Attaxi (however it’s spelled) made to look like a wagon and thought it was so cool. Glad to see an official wagon version now. It’s like a time traveling Datsun Wagon. And being that it is a fantasy car, hopefully my chances of finding one are higher since most will pass up on this.

  4. You posted this, what, June? It’s now November 6th, and these N cases are only now starting to trickle onto pegs at many retailers in Michigan (I’m looking at you, Meijer and Wal-Mart). Is this normal?

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