Hot Wheels announces the Nissan C10 Skyline Hakosuka Wagon.

Hot Wheels Designer Jun Imai is hanging out in Japan.  And having what has to fantastic time over at Nissan.  And that seemed an appropriate setting to unveil an early prototype of the upcoming Nissan C10 Skyline Wagon.

I know that my opinion is no more important than anyone else’s but my goodness, that’s a beauty.  Between the first Hakosuka released in 2011, and Matchbox’s stock version last year, this completes the Mattel Hakosuka trifecta.  And it is tremendous.

Look for it in Car Culture in 2018.  See if you can guess the theme of the assortment it will be a part of.

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    1. please please please please please please please please please please please please

      (just in case they count pleases)

  1. That new Nissan C10 skyline wagon coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  2. Jeez, this could be part of a variety of assortments:
    Wagons (similar to Trucks)?
    Town & Country Imports?
    Slammed Estates?
    Land Yachts?

    Way too many options here, but a beautiful model nonetheless.

    1. Saw this news last night and can’t help but thinking they must be part of the same assortment.

  3. I’m going to say it again. As much as I enjoy that this casting will exist, and it does look like a great casting, aren’t there a lot of vehicles that haven’t been done by Mattel recently, if ever?

    Here are some compelling Japanese suggestions: Skyline S54, Mazda Cosmo L10-A, Toyota TE27, Mitsubishi Galant GTO, Toyota Cressida X30 (wagon?), Honda Prelude AB, Subaru Alycone XT, Honda Z600 (google “carbon fiber Z600”), Hino Samurai, Toyota Stout (lowered), Isuzu Bellett GT-R…

    Or from a Euro perspective: Alpine A110, Audi Quattro rally, Sunbeam Alpine, Ford RS200, Fiat 124 spider, BMW E28 M5, Lancia Aurelia coupe (MBX), Mercedes 300 SLR, Lamborghini Espada, Lancia 037…

    I’m not even going to waste time on the American perspective. We in the US can all name a million American cars we’d like to see done. I’m just concerned that the hako is becoming the Japanese ’57 Belair (which is funny because the Toyopet Corona exists), and that other potentially great castings are being passed over for more of the same.

    The hakosuka is great. I know. It’s popular. I know. But is it really worth making another casting of, so soon after two others were made of it? Of course the Datsun 510 is also guilty here (although it celebrates 50 years in 2017). Yeah, we’re getting a new C130. But remember too that there have been about 3 or 4 different Porsche 911s in the past few years alone. It seems like redoing different versions of the same cars might become a habit for Mattel, and I think that would be a shame regardless of the quality of the models.

    I’m sure some Mattel designers pop onto this blog now and then. And for them, I will say directly: Your models are looking great, but I wish they had a bit more variety.


  4. Oh my God, if it’s a Station Wagon assortment for Car Culture, I’m probably going to have a brain aneurysm from the sheer uncontrollable joy that would give me.

    This looks great. Yes, there are JDM models that haven’t been done before that they could’ve done instead blah blah blah blah BLAH. But seriously people, isn’t it enough that we have another badass casting in the pipeline?

    On another note, is the new Lamley REALLY slow for anybody else? The page perpetually loads in Chrome for me, never stops loading, keystrokes lag a couple seconds behind…it’s really annoying. Not your fault, John, but have you noticed this?

  5. Wow! this is awesome. Look at how low it is! really impressive. It is great when Hot Wheels knows collectors will gobble it up, so they make it even more like how the real car would be (ride height wise). Looks good already. Wagons? JDM icons? the list goes on….

  6. I think I saw Mattel mention that the c210 would be in the same assortment as the hako wagon. maybe a skyline series for its anniversary! If that’s the case I’m gonna have some trouble finding it.

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