Hot Wheel Car Culture Race Day is hitting Target and Walmart stores.

If you haven’t heard already, the latest Hot Wheels Car Culture assortment, Race Day, is out:

IMG_4280 2

I found four sets pegged today at Target, but there have been reports of the batch being found at Walmart as well.  That is a little odd considering Target has the rights to stock it early.

My guess is it will hit very soon in other countries, as well as at hobby dealers for those who have sets on order.  One way or the other, the assortment is out, and it is worth grabbing.  Once again Julian Koiles goes next level on the card art, with each card depicting a different angle from the same race scene, and the models are tremendous.  The Porsche 962 is a new casting, as is the new Real Rider Aero wheel it is sporting.

Get out and hunt.

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  1. I found 3 of these yesterday at my Target. The Acura NSX, the Mazda RX3, and the Porsche 914-6. I’m still on the hunt for the Porsche 962, and the 1978 Porsche 935.

  2. I found these completely by accident at my local Walmart the night before last. There was just one of each, sitting together neatly hidden behind several of the recent Vintage American Muscle assortment cars that has been peg-warming Walmarts for the past couple months…almost missed them completely, but I”m glad I didn’t. The fact that there was just one of each means some other collector snagged a set and left the rest for me. Thank you, mystery collector!

    For me, the 1978 935 is the pick of the bunch. The red paint with Momo deco and new color-keyed aero wheels is an absolute knock-out. The retooled NSX is nice too…I was never a fan of the mainline releases, but this one just seems “right”. Happy hunting, guys

    1. That is not a retooled NSX. That is the customized Acura NSX that debuted as a new model in the 2008 mainline.

      1. I believe it is retooled…2016 on the base, and if I remember correctly, the base treatment was a bit different in plastic than this. I know it came out in the mainline a long time ago, but something’s been tweaked and it works better in this release, aesthetically.

  3. Wow, yes. Found the 935, 914-6 and the NSX (hid the Mazda for later though) in Wally-mart! Better check the bullseye store to get the 962. I wonder if they’ll eventually be plentiful and hang around awhile on the pegs?

    The RR Aero wheel is pretty nice and a refreshing change. Hope to see more race models with those wheels in the future! The Sunoco livery would have been better IMO and the Greddy one is a bit drab. See below:

  4. I went ahead and ordered a case. I don’t expect to see new Car Culture on the Target pegs until somebody decides that they just can’t live without two pegs-worth of VW SP2s…

    A discussion topic: Is it the worst casting choice to-date for otherwise very solid Car Culture?

    1. I personally am a very big fan of the SP2. It’s only problem is the lack of familiarity here in the US. I think it is great Car Culture model and a deserving release. I don’t know if there is a model I really don’t like. The MK7 Golf I thought could be better executed deco-wise, but still loves the release.

    2. I’ve liked the SP2 in pretty much every release it’s had. John’s right about it not being appreciated by American audiences. It’s a really cool-looking car though. It’s puzzling to me why it’s warmed the pegs to the extent that it has. I think the deco might be partly to blame.

  5. What an incredible assortment! I’ll take one of each please. I’m glad to hear that these have started to hit. Unfortunately that means the anxiety over being able to find them begins. The previous Car Culture assortment was all but impossible to find in these parts. I just hope these premium collector lines pick up some momentum with the great choices the Hot Wheels team has been making for Car Culture lately and that stores begin to order more stock.

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