Hot Wheels unveils two more upcoming Skylines – the R30 and R33 GT-R.

On a bit of a Skyline kick, eh Hot Wheels?

Designer Jun Imai, in Japan currently for the Tokyo Toy Show, unveiled not one, but two more upcoming Hot Wheels Skylines:

And these on the heels of the Hakosuka Wagon unveiling the day before.  Call this run on Skylines and Japanese cars what you want, but don’t call it hype.  Seeing these cars hitting the Hot Wheels line is a dream come true for so many folks worldwide, you should be excited for them if you aren’t excited yourself.  And we all know these releases, part of the basic range, will be pop-u-lar!

And if you want to be excited for one person, be excited for our RTE, Jay Kho, whose R30 Skyline is well-known here in the States and on IG.  I can’t imagine the smile on his face right now.

General rule of collecting today?  “You can’t have too many Skylines”.  Hot Wheels is definitely adhering.

16 Replies to “Hot Wheels unveils two more upcoming Skylines – the R30 and R33 GT-R.”

    1. I fail to see how simply sharing the news of upcoming Hot Wheels castings constitutes “hype”. Calm down.

  1. Nice – Looking at Jay Kho car tho they need to modify that rear side window on the R30 to get a better proportion with the real car.

  2. Those new Nissan skylines coming out are both awesome. I will be on the hunt for these next year thumbs up.

  3. Very nice. The proportions are looking good…no weird chins, reasonable-sized wheels. These should be fantastic. Hopefully they’ll have nice clean decos for their debuts, preferably significantly different from one another. Exciting stuff

  4. Listen these really have grown on me but are we going to see any new American muscle, hot rods, ect??????????

    1. John remember the context. These were all unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show. There is a lot of other stuff coming, obviously unveiled in time.

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