Would it be strange if the best diecast of 2016 came from a coffee company?

Get UCC x Mercedes at Japan Booster

Don’t read anything I am going to write.

Seriously.  Bypass this and just go to the photos.  If you want to come back, please do, but spend some time on the photos.  I’m good.  I will just sit here and play with my phone for a bit.


If you are back, great.  I have to think you liked what you saw.  Download a pic or two and show them to your friends, and I bet they will think they are looking at real cars.  Then tell them they are the same size as Hot Wheels cars.  Watch them not believe you.

Did you see that Mercedes 300SL #417 Mille Miglia?  Could that be the best 1:64 replica you have ever seen of a classic Mercedes?  Then did you see the photos of the 300SL with its progeny, the gullwing SLS AMG and AMG GT?

Then move over to the 190E Evo II, and its cousin the CLK DTM AMG.  Mercedes’ heritage is rich, and somehow this 5-car set captured it perfectly.

So who is responsible for choosing a splendid mix of Mercedes Benz replicas and then executing them just about perfectly?  A F*#@ing coffee company!!  Yes, these models come with cans of coffee in Japan.  COFFEE!

I don’t know the company that actually made the models, but UCC Good Coffee Smile commissioned them.  They win.

All you creeps buying Happy Meals at McDonalds in order to get a set of bad plastic Hot Wheels, go back to those photos.  Those who remember digging through the cereal box for an actual Hot Wheels car back in the 80’s, smile and look at the photos again.  If you are in Japan, you can go to the store for premade coffee and replicas as nice as any you will ever see in 1:64 are sitting in these plastic containers attached to the cans.

I can hear all the 4-piece McNuggets and juice boxes hitting the bottom of the garbage can.  Japanese diecast is on another level entirely, and while I tend to tout the joys of TLV and Kyosho here quite often, all the proof you need are these five Mercedes giveaways.  With coffee.  Coffee!!  (Did I already mention that?)

I loved the last two UCC Skyline sets, but there is something about this Mercedes set.  Maybe because we haven’t seen a ton of Mercedes diecast in awhile, and it seems a little more untapped than the Skylines, which have become to diecast what Camaros were a few years ago.

Whatever it is, this set is up there with the Japan Historics as the best 5-car set of the year.  And it came with coffee!!!  COFFEE!!!

(Get the set while you can at Japan Booster.  Coffee not included.)

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