The Hot Wheels R34 Skyline goes premium with its upcoming Entertainment Release

In my preview of the Hot Wheels Entertainment C Assortment, coming this summer, I mentioned the Fast & Furious R34 Skyline stood out enough that it merited its own feature.

Well here it is.


I could start by saying how good this model looks, but the R34 has always looked good.  It was designed by Phil Riehlman back in 2010 before the JDM craze hit, and it was nearly perfect then.  Like the R32 before it (which has never been a particularly good casting), or the C10 and C110 Skylines that came the year after, these were the first introductions for many to all things Skyline.  Oh how things have changed.

The first two Hot Wheels R34 Skylines, in signature grey and blue, will always be my favorites.  They didn’t set the world on fire back then, but with where our hobby has gone the last few years, it is no surprise that this premium release in Hot Wheels Entertainment IS setting the collector world ablaze.


If the run on the R34 in the Walmart FnF set earlier this year is any indication, the demand on this model will be through the roof.  Maybe the $4.50/$5 price point might keep some from a full hoard, but there are only two per case, and considering the other models will probably not fly off the pegs, restocking might be a little slow.  It will be interesting to watch.  (And don’t call this hype.  Anyone who follows the hobby knows the rumblings about this model.)

And the model deserves the demand.  It is fantastic.  Personally it doesn’t mean much that it is from Fast & Furious, but I am glad there was some avenue that made making this premium version appropriate.  All I know is that we have a premium version with full front, side, and rear details, with some fantastic Real Riders.


(And yes, I am happy for the FnF fans who have wanted to see this car made as well.  Check another iconic car from the franchise off the list.  Maybe the Hako from the Brazil installment next?)

However it got here, the most important thing is that the premium R34 is here.  And it is tremendous.


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  1. This is not only the best R34 ever made but also the best skyline ever made
    Detail is 100% accurate and

    I just came

  2. A plastic wing would have been nice, but given that this is how it’s done now, there’s very little here to be disappointed about…just an all-around great model. As I mentioned in the post about this batch in general, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to find this, but my fingers are very much crossed. And if I don’t find it, I’m happy that I have the mainline version in almost the same color, from way back when the casting debuted.

  3. It’s cool to know how you came to know the Nissan Skyline. My first introduction to the skyline was of the virtual variety, gran turismo 2 introduced me to many the skyline and many other Japanese cars which i had never seen before. My first car i bought in that game (A white 88 Supra Turbo) ended up being my favorite car.

  4. I love it! Not a F&F fan by any stretch, but enjoy the Skyline on its own merits and since long before F&F was a thing. I’m so happy to see this release be clean and devoid of any “customizing”. And the blue color used is perfect. Just what I think of when I think of this version of the Skyline.

    Now that Hot Wheels has made the perfect Skyline, the challenge will be to actually find one.

  5. “Like the R32 before it (which has never been a particularly good casting)”
    Actually the R32 is a stunning casting when you know which car it’s based on…

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