The Hot Wheels Ford GT Race: Sleek, low, and now in white.


Typically I don’t dedicate an entire post to a Hot Wheels recolor, but why not?  The new structure of the blog allows me to put more posts on the home page, and this recolor of the Ford GT Race is pretty dope.

(And yes, I said “pretty dope”.  That is really for my daughter to provide her more evidence of how uncool I am.)


But I really like this model.  I still prefer the first release in blue, but this white one is cool too.  And thinking about the potential (cough…Le Mans…cough) liveries it could have in the future, I am all in on collecting this one.

So here it is in white, which beautifully highlights how low and long the model is.  Hot Wheels rarely look this long and sleek, but this one captures the lines of the new GT really well, maybe even better than the stock GT release.



5 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Ford GT Race: Sleek, low, and now in white.”

  1. Hmm…initially I thought this looked sharper than the debut, but I think I actually prefer the debut. I think if it had a quieter base color it would be more attractive. Still a great model though.

    A release in Gulf livery would make a great companion car to the Gulf GT LM of a couple years ago….fingers crossed…

  2. The styling of these wheels makes the size difference front-back look quite a bit better, IMO. I bet they’d look good on the blue GT.

    1. Point taken, but I believe the interior on this is white, so it’s actually the blue glass that kills it.

  3. The white is nice enough and I’m sure I’ll still pick one up, but I am a bit less excited about it now than I was when it was first revealed. The debut blue is still my preferred model. And yes, they should absolutely do a few Le Mans inspired liveries including a Gulf homage.

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