Upcoming Matchbox Trucks, Part 2: One of 2016’s best new models returns.

(It only took me two months to get to this after Part 1.)

Matchbox got a lot of people talking in 2016.  The release of the Nissan Skyline, and the custom contest and JCCS giveaway that coincided, definitely got the most attention.  But so did other new models like the Mazda Miata, VW Transporter, and Volvo V60.

There was another truly great new model that was overshadowed a bit by the others, but all in all may have been the best new model of the bunch.  The ’15 Ram 1500 Police is a tremendous Matchbox, looking rugged without being exaggerated, and nicely detailed everywhere.  It also benefitted from debuting in one of Matchbox’s best ongoing liveries, National Parks.

Well the Ram Police in back in 2017, with a new, licensed livery.


Like many models before, the Ram sports the El Segundo, CA Fire Department livery.  El Segundo is the home of the Mattel Design Center, so it makes sense.  It even gets a badge on the hood.


This model will never garner the attention of others, but I hope it keeps popping up every year.  It is a must on my collection list, and I plan on pursuing them all.  The more the better.  This one is a great addition.


7 Replies to “Upcoming Matchbox Trucks, Part 2: One of 2016’s best new models returns.”

  1. Thanks, a MBX preview!
    I really like the fire tampos, El Segundo Fire Dept. It’s absolutely outstanding! I hope the next deco will be a NYPD or maybe a black and white CHP…there are infinite possibilities!

  2. This is fabulous. I agree that the Ram was a bit overshadowed among the other greats, but it’s a REALLY great model, one that suits Matchbox perfectly. The National Parks livery is stunning, and this is an equally stunning follow-up. The badge on the hood is unexpected, but very welcome. I also like that the pushbar on this is in a contrasting color. It helps it stand out and emphasize that this is indeed a police/fire vehicle, and not just a street casting that happens to have a police/fire livery plastered on it.

  3. Absolutely overshadowed! This looks great but really want to see a police version. More and more municipalities are using them. I may have to get some extras…….

    1. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Boone County Sheriff livery…not sure if the brown or black would work better for the Ram. The California Highway Patrol livery would be pretty killer too. I’m excited for where they take this casting in the future.

  4. WOW, this is how models done.A licensed vehicle with licensed livery? I am all over that. To be completely honest, this didn’t even need a tampo on the hood, but it made it that much better. Really well done. Keep it coming!

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