The AMG GT is a perfect way to start the new run of Mercedes-Benz at Hot Wheels.


So nice to have you back, Mercedes-Benz.

That celebration has already happened really, since Matchbox broke the news last year and then released the G63 6×6 as its 2017 Toy Fair model.

Now it is Hot Wheels turn.  There has already been much talk about the upcoming 190E Evo in Car Culture, but the first Merc to hit is the AMG GT.  And there are a few things I am really happy about, besides the fact that it is a Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz, the first of what will be many in the future.


First, it’s pure stock.  If I told you last year that Hot Wheels was doing an AMG GT, my guess is you would picture a racing version with a bit of an – shall we say – exaggerated look.  Not this one.  Casting is just about perfect (proportionately so too, not too big), and the casting debuts in yellow with front and rear tampos.  It is sad that front and rear details is something to celebrate, but it is.

This might be where the “should have been a Matchbox” comments usually come.  Sure, it would make a great companion for the Matchbox SLR McLaren, which was designed years ago by Ryu Asada.  Well, Ryu designed this one too.  (The side mirrors are the giveaway.)


Next, it is another stock car in the lineup.  We are seeing more and more from Hot Wheels, like the BMW M4 and others, and that is really cool to see.  I definitely don’t want everything to be like that, but it does add to the variety.  Especially with a car like this that is beautiful BECAUSE of its simplicity.

A simple, steady entrant for one of the best of the year.

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  1. This is just fantastic. Simple design, in the perfect color. I’m a big fan of the real thing, and consequently I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  2. First and foremost, Pics are spot on!

    Now to HWs & Mattel, this is…….. EXACTLY (if I may speak for the masses) what we really want. This cast is perfect, wheels are matched perfectly from what I can see in the pics. The detail not over done. HWs this is one of the finest casts I’ve seen from blue in a long time. Now let me explain, you do some great castings. This though is a fine piece! It screems premium line and it’s a mainline cast. 👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Now to Mattel, this cast is going to fly off the pegs. This is obviously taking a page from MBX but thats ok because MBX dose somethings different. Now I watched a Video yesterday on this site. I’m telling you right now. Out of every three cars pulled from the box, I’d but maybe one. There is a lot of bad stuff in those boxes. Don’t get me wrong, some people like the stuff. I’m willing to bet everything I own that the licensed and realistic stuff sells better than the other stuff…………

  3. Tampo on the front and possibly on the back (hard to see as there is no direct rear pic). Now this is what I called a complete finish.

  4. Having already purchased (from Japan) the Majorette & “UCC Good Coffee” diecasts of this car it will be great to add the Mattel versions.

  5. Sorry, but the rear end doesn’t look quite as good as I expected. The rear fenders are pushed too close to the doors. The roof is out of proportions and the rear end is too short – all these problems are clearly visible on the pictures. I just prefer the Majorette casting + it has plastic headlights and opening doors.

    1. All the attempts at direct comparison to the Majorette version are moot in my opinion. Yes I realize Majorette is coming back to America, but as of now it’s not even remotely as accessible as Hot Wheels is in terms of being able to find it. And even if you could, the price is not comparable. I don’t know why people keep banging on with these direct comparisons. Can’t we just be thankful there’s another brand that produces Mercedes?

      1. Hot Wheels don’t exist in a bubble and in Europe, it’s going to be a very valid comparison. I’ve seen some pretty bad pictures of these GTs and they’re not looking good compared to the Majorette that was almost instantly in my top 5 favourite small scale cars.

      2. Unless the prices are the same in Europe between the two, my point still stands. I won’t argue with the fact that yes, the Majorette version is probably more realistic (and has more moving parts) but if it’s more expensive, you just can’t really compare them apples to apples.

      3. In some cases, the Majorette retail for less and some of the Premium cars which are all but identical to the mainline release (Golf, A-Class, Guilietta and a couple of others) are merely a pound dearer because of the packaging alone.

    1. On some you can, like the tiles pics on some posts. I know you can right click on any image to see it enlarged as well. I will look into any ways to make that easier.

  6. Hi, yes, it´s a great model and for Hot Wheels it´s very important, that mercedes benz returns in the offical regular programm. but i think, the majorette model is much better, because you can open the doors and you have transparent plastic front lights. greetings from Germany, thomas.

  7. I’ll be the first to congratulate HW for a full tampo on a mainline in stock livery, but their castings aren’t always that well resolved. Like the Focus RS, this is just slightly skewed proportionally and it feels like a missed opportunity. The rear arches are a prime example and the hood crowns like an SLS in these pics, which throws the look slightly.

  8. Front and rear tampos in mainline HW, it’s the reason I love models as the ’17 Acura NSX, BMW M4 and this AMG GT. They are so simple and clean… That make them beautiful

  9. I love it! I’ll be snagging a couple of these, one to keep on card, one to open (if I can find them) and hopefully a stream of recolors to come.

  10. The model is great, but tampos are so ridiculously misaligned on most of these, that you shouldn’t even bother picking this one up unless you can pick them out in person.

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