Upcoming Matchbox Trucks, Part 1: You are not as cool as this hot pink Matchbox Chevy Avalanche.

Here is a good reason to either save or resuscitate older tools.  They come back around.

Case in point: the Matchbox Chevy Avalanche.  The model was released forever ago, around 2000.  Back then the Avalanche was something new, something unique – an SUV/Pickup hybrid.  There were strong opinions about the Avalanche, and Escalade truck and Ridgeline that followed.  Some people loved it, others hated it.  The Avalanche got a better looking makeover a few years later, but this first version with panels is the one I remember.

And it of course made for a perfect Matchbox.  We saw it all the time, first in the basic range and then in its later years relegated to 5-packs.  It has lived a long life.  Long enough to reemerge as an interesting classic vehicle.  “Classic” is definitely used loosely here, but it is definitely not current.

So its appearance in the 2017 Matchbox mainline is interesting, and great for variety’s sake.  But what is even better is that the damn thing is pink.  Hot pink.  If you are going to bring a forgotten vehicle back, make it noticeable.

The pink Avalanche definitely will be noticed.  The deco actually fits, and reminds me of a possible second life for any variety of real Avalanches.  So to me, this one works.  And I think more than a few of you will pick one up.

Of course, your thoughts are most welcome.  Look for this one towards summer.

18 Replies to “Upcoming Matchbox Trucks, Part 1: You are not as cool as this hot pink Matchbox Chevy Avalanche.”

  1. I think that truck in hot pink is sweet. We are definitely in a new golden age of Matchbox, probably starting in 2016 with the release of the Skyline GTX and still going strong in 2017 with many amazing models.

  2. I can think of any number of older castings I'd like to see return over this one…especially considering this bizarre deco. I'll be passing on this. Let's hope “Matchbox Trucks Part 2” is more promising.

  3. Liking the pink but don't think it works on this. I was never a fan, Chevy's way of having an Escalade of their own. If I were still a kid I would hate this. I don't hate it at all just wish they would had done a different model.

  4. Problem with Matchbox is they don't listen to the collectors
    They make Shitty generics which are peg warmers
    And when they do make emergency cars
    They stick to this “4 piece rule”

    I remember when cars had the removable light bar
    Was awesome for making unmarked cars but Nope
    Matchbox is like “let's be super lazy”

    In saying that the clear light bar means it's easier to do a blue and red bar (for those countries which police cars have that set up)

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