M2 Machines is setting the diecast world on its head with the VW Double Cabs…

The little car side of Instagram blew up last night.  Posts started popping up of M2 Machines VW Double Cab finds.

Some were lucky and found one of the Chase models, while others were happy to find the set itself.  I don’t blame any of them for their excitement, or for all the online chatter about them.  If you follow me on IG, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, you know that these VW Trucks have stolen all of my attention as well.

This is a full on mic drop by M2.  It is the epitome of what they do.  Highly-detailed creations of creative model selections.  They reek of auto-knowledge, created by folks who know their shit.  A set of six VW trucks, all the same but all different, and done from stock to modified.  And they are beautiful to boot.

But the buzzy buzz is all about the Super Chase.  Sure, any M2 Super Chase limited to 250 pieces is going to garner attention, but this particular Raw Super Chase is on another level.  Chases are chases. We know how effective they are.  No matter how ugly a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt is, the first person to find it will pick it up.  But when that chase is the best-looking model of a splendid set, look out.

First off, they picked the right model to be the Super Chase.  The tow truck, to me, is the best model in the set, and it looks particularly good as a Raw.  On top of that, the gold trim.  And what completes it is the brushed metal look.  It is a must-have, unfortunately there are only 250 out there.

Add that it is a Walmart exclusive, meaning to get it you HAVE to find it, and you have something that a lot of people want.  And it will be fun to watch who gets lucky.  Think Charlie trying to get to the Chocolate Factory.

So yes, the Super Chase will gobble up the talk, but the set as a whole is easily one of the best diecast releases of the year.  Up there with Japan Historics, Matchbox’s second Best of, Kyosho’s Skyline/GT-R set, and TLV’s Hakosukas.

The Super Chase might beat them all…

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  1. Because that's how marketing works. Companies want to get the word out. They look to people that are influential in the groups they are targeting. They want someone who will represent their brand by showcasing it properly. And I'm guessing these are samples and not part of the 250. They always make more than they state, and always give some away. It doesn't change the odds of finding one. Did you enjoy the showcase? Did it make you want the set? Then M2 got their marketing dollars spent wisely. Its how countless companies with products all over the map work. Shoe companies give sneakers to athletes, makeup companies give samples to YouTube reviewers, the list goes on.

  2. No it's called he lies out of his has ass to get shit and not return it (look at all the FEP Matchbox cars in that case). He is a fucking con-artist that manipulates people at Mattel & now M2 to give him hand outs. The main source of his crap comes from people who work in the factory's that steal stuff so he can have it first. Also works with the scalpers as long as he strokes them off they send cases and select models to review while they over price something that has barely hit the streets.

    One day people will see he is the biggest pile of trash in the diecast community like the crook who runs t-hunted (who lame group helped con people into buying cars for a new laptop that was supposedly stolen) and Racegroves who now is one of the greediest reviewers on YouTube that has to be paid before agreeing to get a free case of cars.

  3. lol Drunk Vader…I suppose you also think we never landed on the moon and that 9/11 was an inside job. It's always amusing watching idiots like you work yourself into a froth over some insane imagined sleight you believe you've suffered.

  4. It's not sour grapes or being jelly it's I've seen what kind of scum bag he has become since starting this blog. Once it blew up he has conned his way into the inner circles of a few of the brands. The claims of getting it from them has been proven a lie (candy stripper gasser wasn't a sample it was a stolen factory pull) and notice the only eBay sellers he features are ones that over price stuff way beyond what others go for.

    He uses people to get what he wants and when they don't “help out” he drops them like diecast TV channel on YouTube. Got featured a few times had a massive spike in subs/views but when lame group wanted them to send him new cars they couldn't he stopped featuring them.

    The guy is scum he's in bed with the scalpers and crooks and thinks he's hot shit cause a buddy at Matchbox was able to get his name on a truck. He's got a bigger ego than that creepy looking racegroves guy who was on a tv show barely for 5min.

    Bottom line he is a scumbag and all you punks can kiss his ass all you want but I won't not any more.

  5. There is proof all over the internet supporting Drunk Vader. Lies, after Lies, after Lies, I forgot about the Laptop incident. People like myself and Mr. Vader visit to bring awareness to you people who ignore it and think Lambert is great. He'll probably be promoting knee pads before too long. This site use to be about collecting now it's about sucking dick and ego stroking.

  6. I nearly forgot his promotion of photography products. What a poser. His photography skills are garbage. Want to take photos like this? Simple, you need a white sheet of paper, a cell phone and a single light fixture. Don't worry about a tripod or any of that stuff because Lambert is a giant fan of horrendously crooked photos. If you want to get really fancy add a piece of paper or cloth over the top of the light to get that dreamy non directional diffused light that non photographers love to gush over.

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