2016 Lamley Awards: What is the 2016 Hot Wheels Model of the Year?

It’s the last poll of the year, and then we celebrate the winners.

We’ve voted on Best & Worst Super TH, Best and Most Disappointing HW New Model, Best Matchbox New Model, and now the Hot Wheels Model of the Year.

Why just Hot Wheels?  Probably because it is easy.  There are several lines, a lot of models to choose from, and Hot Wheels always gets more attention among Lamley Readers.  I thought about mixing Matchbox in, and I probably should.  Maybe next year I will just include the models that got the most attention among Lamley Readers, no matter the brand.  I think a certain M2 VW and F&F Supra might already be starting the list.

But since I have done it this way the last couple of years, let’s do it this way one more time.  Next year will be something different.

I collaborated with a few friends who follow Hot Wheels from several angles, and we came up with the 15 models we thought were the best contenders for Model of the Year.  Sure, everyone has faves, but we judged these 15 on the attention and impact they had on the hobby.  Folks were talking about these.

There are 15 nominees.  Some have multiples, meaning different colors, or a Super TH version, etc.

You may disagree with the 15, and that is obviously completely cool, but these are the models we thought were the most talked about, whether we liked them or not.  Pick one, and we will see what model – or models – comes out on top.

The Poll:

What is the 2016 Hot Wheels Model of the Year?

The List (in order of the poll):

20 Replies to “2016 Lamley Awards: What is the 2016 Hot Wheels Model of the Year?”

  1. I had to go with the Huracan here. For me, it's kinda because it was soooo well executed. For a mainline, it was perfect, and much better than the BMW. I'm happy it wasn't a super and ruined by ugly wheels. I think the other models either left something to be desired or were just hyped. I know the Huracan isn't gonna win though.

  2. Could have at least nominated the ZAMAC Heralda Fiesta.

    Anyway… I want to see the Huracan in the Top 3 because it sends a message to Mattel as to how we want the race cars to be treated. Accurate to the last panel, front/rear detailing, factory livery.

  3. There is one clear winner to me. The Alfa Romeo. There are several on this list that are among my all time favorites not just this years favorites. The Gulf Porsche is exceptional. But it's not a new casting and being an RLC car has limited reach. The Entertainment version of the Gran Turismo Ford GT LM is hands down the best version of that casting ever. The paint is perfect, the wheels are perfect, it made my selective cut of models I keep duplicates of at work. But the Alfa has everything going for it to make it the winner this year. Perfectly executed in paint, details, tampos, wheels, etc and I imagine almost impossible to top on future releases. Accurate casting. Not only a new model but also one of the few Alfa's Hot Wheels had done and perfect counterpart to the Matchbox Giulia Sprint GTA with it's intriguing history of licensing issues. But it's also a model that stands out as one that will serve as a history lesson to the kids out there. I can imagine getting it as a kid and wanting to learn more about it, it sparks the imagination in a way that few realistic licensed cars can for aspiring car geeks like most of us once were.

  4. Look at how it stood up, tall (low) and proud, against Kyosho's model. A one-dollar cast, a model about 10 times more expensive, and if you park them splitter-to-splitter you'd think the Hot Wheels was worth $5. And you can play with it without worrying about losing too much value.

    Being able to feel premium by comparison is equal to actually going premium. If that Huracan Super Trofeo is not in the Top 3 (right now, it isn't) by the end of the poll, disappointment becomes an understatement.

  5. Lots of great looking models that are in my collection because I like them. 2 of them stand out for me but like Ben said the Alfa looks to be promising with details on all side (not just the sides) and no over size wheels at the rear it is well balance.

  6. For me –

    1) Alfa Romeo GTA
    2) Ford GT Super TH
    3) Lamborghini Huracan ST

    No need to explain any of these. All exceptionally done and great examples of how Hot Wheels should be doing their models.

  7. I went for the CSL, because it's a new mould and a classic racer, but for me, the best release was the red Castrol Escort. A chase that took my holiday to Spain to find one, simply because I suspect Mark 1 Escorts don't have the following there as they do in England.

  8. Ironically loads of the red Castrol Escorts ended up on the pegs of our U.K. Poundworld stores. They are increasingly getting better at stocking fairly recent batches in huge quantities. At this moment they have loads of the later white Castrol Escorts and blue 2016 Ford Focus RS.

  9. For me:

    1. Huracan is just outstanding, I am not a big fan of Lambos, but this HW casting is just stunningly sharp and detailed, the paint is immaculate, and the tampo is close to the real.

    2. RX3 and the Alfa Romeo, because I like the real cars, but they do not even get close to the Huracan as a toy made.

    3. Mustang and the Batmobile are nice ones too.

  10. Man! And I'm over here having never even seen a JH in store! I voted for the 964–perfect representation of where Hot Wheels is going: somewhat obscure, enthusiast-driven castings with designs very tapped into the modern car culture.

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