The Porsche 911 is returning, and the Honda Prelude is coming. Are you collecting Tomica Limited Vintage yet?

Every month, there are two Tomica Limited Vintage-related events that I look forward to.  The first, and obviously most important, is the release of that month’s assortment.  Usually 4 to 8 models, usually stock Japanese cars, with a few Euro beauties mixed in.

The second event is the announcement of what is coming a few months down the line.  And there are always surprises.  The biggest surprises involve new castings.  Announced models like the Alfa Junior, BMW 328i, Toyota Supra, Custom Crown Wagon, Silvia Super Silhouette, and recently released ’69 Skyline have all put smiles on my face.  The other surprise is the return of past classics.  In 2016 TLV brought back the Honda CR-X and Toyota Corolla, two models that have been TLV faves for years.

Well this month’s announcement didn’t disappoint.  At all.  And for both reasons.  TLV announced a doozy of a new model, and a bomb of a casting return.  Why don’t I just show the pics?

This is the April 2017 batch and it is loaded.  The big new casting?  The splendidly boxy 2nd-gen Honda Prelude.  TLV has been playing in Honda heyday of late, and this addition is MOST welcome.

And the big return?  The Porsche 911 of course!!  Classic Porsches are the thing right now, and it is time for little car collectors to finally discover TLV’s beauty.  The 911, 911S, and 912 have been around for awhile, and there was a time that these were so easy to get.  Not anymore.  Anything Porsche diecast is super hot, so these are too.  Thankfully TLV is throwing us a bone, with another 911S coming in shiny blue.

Add to that blue beauty this Porsche 50th Anniversary World Tour 911.

This car made its way around the world in 2013 to celebrate its anniversary, and now TLV is doing the replica.

Oh, and Supras too.  Supras!  Three of ’em!

Look, you should collect these.  The only reason I say that is because models like this, in the scale we love, can bring a ton of joy to your hobby.  Collecting diecast has two sides.  There is the car nut side, and the collect/pursue side.  Of course every collector is – hopefully – a mixture of both.  There has to be some love of cars to bring you in, even if dreams of chases and Supers dance in your head.

Sure, TLV would probably bring more collectors over if they did chases.  They don’t need to.  TLV caters to the car nut side.  It is about autos.  Not chases.  So keep pursuing your chases, but give a few of these a place in your collection.  It’s pure, man…

Look for these at Japan Booster in April…

(photo credit Tomytec)

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  1. Been reading this site daily for a couple of years and loved my descent into the rabbit hole of diecast collecting (much to my wife's chagrin…). But lately here, there has been a clear transition from fellow enthusiastic collector to a simple shill site. You're better than this.

  2. Yeah, I have been following this blog but lately I feel it's all about promoting to get free pieces (or even money). Don't get me wrong, if you are popular enough to promote something and get free cars in return or money that's fine, but at least don't be so obvious about it. Try to fake it a little better, people don't like to be cheated.

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