New York Toy Fair 2016 Recap: Auto World, Johnny Lightning, and Racing Champions from Round 2…

Toy Fair 2016 was held in New York City on February 13 through 16.  Several diecast brands were there, showcasing to retailers what is coming, and we were fortunate enough to have someone there to recap the festivities.  Our old friend Tim Pagano headed over, checked out the displays, jotted down some info, and took some pics.  Throughout the day we will be posting his reports and photos.  

We will finish off with Round 2, the maker of Auto World, as well as the resuscitated Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions.  Look for more coverage here on Lamley soon.  In the meantime, Tim’s report:

A visit to the Round 2 booth at Toy Fair provided us with a preview of three different 1:64 scale diecast brands.
The Auto World line is promoted as a true 1:64 scale size.  There are three lines within this scale: Deluxe, Premium, and Licensed Premium.  On display was Release 3 of their mid-price and mid-quality Premium line cars.  The cars come on a standard blister pack with a cardboard storage box.  The cars are nicely detailed.  Plans are to continue with the Premium line currently with additional releases.  Additional releases from the Deluxe and Licensed Premium lines possible in the future.  Photographs taken of the Auto World cars on display at Toy Fair are shown below:

One of the more exciting pieces current diecast news is in regards to Round 2 acquiring the rights to produce new releases of the Johnny Lightning brand.  Round 2 has assembled much of the former talent who was involved in producing the Johnny Lightning lineup during the Playing Mantis era.  They are kicking off the new lineup with an A and B release of the Classic Gold series which is already available.  The differences between the A and B releases have to do with vehicle color.  A and B releases of the Street Freaks and Muscle Cars USA series are scheduled for the near future.  A carded sample of a potential future Holiday Classics release was also on display.  Classic Gold, Street Freaks, Muscle Cars USA, and Holiday Classics were popular series during Johnny Lightning’s previous production periods.  Photographs taken of the Johnny Lightning cars on display at Toy Fair are shown below:

In addition to acquiring the rights produce new Johnny Lightning releases, Round 2 has also acquired the rights to produce new Racing Champions releases.  Round 2’s first release for this brand will be an A and B release of Racing Champions Mint.  It was mentioned that future Racing Champion releases may involve some NASCAR items.  Photographs taken of the new Racing Champions Mint cars to be released are shown below: 

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