New York Toy Fair 2016 Recap: Greenlight…

Toy Fair 2016 was held in New York City on February 13 through 16.  Several diecast brands were there, showcasing to retailers what is coming, and we were fortunate enough to have someone there to recap the festivities.  Our old friend Tim Pagano headed over, checked out the displays, jotted down some info, and took some pics.  Throughout the day we will be posting his reports and photos.  

Now to a brand that has been red-hot in 2015 and into 2016, Greenlight:

  • Greenlight Collectibles has many popular series that will continue into this year which include Hot Pursuit, Greenlight Hollywood, GL Muscle, Black Bandit, and All Terrain.  
  • The relatively new Hitch and Tow series has proven to be a popular line and will continue into this year.  The casting consists of a car or truck and trailer.  Approval has been obtained from the three major US car companies to use the F-100, Silverado, and Ram as the truck component.  
  • Release 1 of the new Barrett Jackson series was issued recently and that series will continue into this year.  
  • Hobby Only releases will continue with Black Bandit versions of the International Durastar tow and flatbed tow trucks due out this year in addition to other future castings.   
  • Exclusive castings have been produced for Farmtruck (1970 Chevrolet Farmtruck) and Ron Jon Surf Shop (1969 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus).  
  • New castings will include a Walking Dead Dale’s RV and National Lampoons Vacation Wagon Queen Family Truckster.  
  • Greenlight’s Toy Fair car for this year was an Arrow Indycar.  Photographs of the Toy Fair car and several of the other cars discussed above are shown below:

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