First Look: 2016 Matchbox Exotic 5-pack…

It’s pretty easy to like this 5-pack.

A Ford GT, a Porsche 911, a Lotus Evora, and a Corvette ZR1?  Only the Shelby Cobra Cocept leaves a little to be desired.  But even then the Cobra is a nice version, so it is only the selection I would do differently.

We have already featured the Corvette and Porsche here on Lamley before, and both are stellar models.  The Vette looks fantastic in black, and the stripes stand out beautifully.  The Porsche?  Great color, great wheels, no crazy deco.  The 911 Turbo casting has been around well over 10 years, and still holds up really well with more current castings.

That leaves the Shelby, Ford GT, and Lotus.  Considering the Ford GT made my Favorite 5 Matchbox list, I am ALWAYS happy to see a new version.  The color really stands out, and while I would have loved headlight tampos and a more stock deco, I am very happy to have it.  The surprise is the Lotus. You don’t hear much about the Evora these days, and we haven’t seen the casting in awhile.  To me, that makes it a perfect 5-pack model.  A chance to give it a little more life.  In this case, they took it a step further with the racing livery and dark rims.  I love this version, and it may be my favorite of the Evora releases.

Ultimately, I am glad to have the Exotics pack, no matter what models and decos are chosen.  Matchbox 5-packs have, for the most part, remained simple and focused.  Packs like Fire, Police, Construction, and Farm.  There was a time that the decos got a little out of hand, but it seems that is under control now.  Keep those simple themes and realistic models coming, and hopefully we continue to see packs like Exotics and Classics too.  With the Matchbox lines limited, the 5-packs become even more important.

And thankfully 2016 has been a good year so far.  And it is far from over.  The Exotics pack is a highlight, as is Classic Rides, but both might be surpassed soon by an even better pack.  Stay tuned…

16 Replies to “First Look: 2016 Matchbox Exotic 5-pack…”

  1. Thank you for the pics John,

    Just to re-iterate to you (and the Matchbox team)that for us Europeans, the Matchbox distribution situation is getting worse despite the promising signals from Mattel. In the UK, Tesco have just de-stocked Matchbox, in my area there now is only one Morrison's store that stocks some Matchbox but few and far between. In Switzerland I know of one exactly one store that frequently stocks Matchbox singles and in Germany and Austria I don't even know where to look. Supermarkets seem to have stopped them left right and centre. I now find myself ordering mainline Matchbox on Ebay from the US at a huge premium…that's how bad it has now become. Hot Wheels special series is the other topic: I am disappointed that we don't get the Entertaintment, Car Culture etc – but after the apparent over-ordering on Porsche and James Bond Series, the BMW series has appeared once at Asda (Walmart) and then…gone…nowhere to be seen. It's a shame, dear Mattel team, we would love to buy your products, if only you let us 🙂

  2. Actually thought this was a pack from the good old days before I read the text..definitely a step in the right direction from Matchbox…But as one previous commentator said shame about the poor UK/European distribution.

  3. Wonder what the even better forthcoming 5pack will be? I'm hoping for a 'best of the '80s' theme with reissues of the BMW 323i cabriolet,Porsche 944 turbo, Toyota MR-2,Peugeot 205 turbo 16, and Ford Escort cabriolet in…

  4. There is only one good store in my area consistent with new MBX inventory and it's a Walmart. I was lucky to pick up the new white Cadillac One (Beast) Limo. Like I always say.. not all WM's are 'created' equal and some have the USUAL non-licensed vehicles HANGING around. History repeats itself.

    The most common thing I see TIME AND TIME AGAIN is when a store does have new MBX inventory, they WILL NOT last long and you're left with a BUNCH of fantasy vehicles left behind. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wanted to add that with new MBX inventory the licensed models are few and far between and you get stuck with the 'dust collectors'. Distribute more licensed models MBX!!??!!

  6. I have the Shelby concept sky blue with white deco's and I actually like it. The GT in the same pack but it's a lime green and very nice. Others in the 5 pack were Porsch Carrera Cabrolet yellow with matching yellow rims, TVR Tuscan black with red pin stripe and interior. Here's the weird bit the 5th car in the pack was a Type 14 Karmarn 1969 blue with disc rims which looked odd in this 5 pack. I picked this pack up last year maybe even later than that.

    I'm in Australia and I haven't seen anything new HW or MBX since Xmas actually since before Xmas. Yeah pretty slow year Mattel what's going on ?

    Thanks for the pics and the vids:)

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