Lamley Single File: Jackiekim FAW MV3

Last month when covering the brilliant Toyota Hilux from Jackiekim, I mentioned the brand also produced a number of military vehicles. And I’ve recently added one to my collection in the form of the heavyweight FAW MV3. And as always, I’m leaving politics aside here.

The FAW MV3 is the standard transport truck for the Chinese military.  Powered by an 8.6 litre turbo diesel with 350bhp, the MV3 entered service in 2011. Single and double cab versions are available with either a 4×4 or 6×6 drivetrain. The truck was designed for operations near the the front line, and with a large number of Chinese troops stationed high in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau, the MV3 has been engineered to operate in high altitude and freezing environments. Auxiliary power units ensure electrical power never fails, and the starting system has a function which uses an electric heater to preheat the engine coolant, fuel lines and fuel filter.

It’s a big, chunky Tonka Toy of a vehicle, and Jackiekim have managed to shrink it to 1/64 size with great success. You may be able to tell I had great fun taking snaps of this thing, it just looked so good amongst the boulders.

The model is weighty, with both a metal body and base, and rolls very well on detailed wheels shod in treaded rubber. With a vehicle with as many nooks and crannies as a military truck, there’s a risk that details will be missed when replicating in small scale. But every door hinge and rivet on the MV3 has been replicated. The front lights are done in clear plastic, and on the underside the driveshafts are even present between the axles, which is such a cool detail.

The paint quality on both the body and indeed the base is impressive, and the few decals present are all where they should be. Like the Hilux, Jackiekim have done a very good job with the MV3. And for such a big model, prices are fantastic: around £20 on Ebay including shipping to the UK.

Heavy metal for a bargain price, and a perfect way to add variety to a diecast military vehicle or truck collection.

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(Find the Jackiekim FAW MV3 on Ebay)

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