Where are we with my 1/64 resin collection ?

The recent Inno64 colorful ER34 (featured here on this blog) gave me the desire to have a closer look at my 1/64 resin collection. It ended with two questions : where are we ? And where is it going ?

At time of writing, I count 18 resin 1/64 models in my dedicated display. A display that I like because I chose a mirror finish, giving a premium look that suits perfectly the premium resin models. Why not making a tour of the models and giving you my thoughts about them?

I count some Timothy&Pierre models in this collection and they are by far the most beautiful models I have. The guys at Timothy&Pierre are total nuts about details and quality. This is insane. It isn’t cheap, but it is worth it. The most famous model is the 911 Singer (a kind of signature model from the brand) that I have the chance to have in a kind of purple / blue color with snowboard on the roof.

I also have the very nice orange Targa with superb details in the interior. Everything is really on point, from the wheels quality to the paint quality. They are obviously fragile, super light and meant to display.

This 993 is probably the rarest car of my entire collection, and although I’m not particularly interested in the livery neither the RWB style itself, it has a special place because it was a gift from Pierre (from Timothy&Pierre). If I remember correctly, it was limited to 20 units or something like that. It was not meant to be sold. I do think that T&P has the best 993 around with FuelMe models.

Oddly enough, I count a LBWK Mini in pink paying homage to the famous Porsche livery. I wanted a Mini back in time but I must admit this one will probably exit the collection one day – if anyone is interested of course.

I also have these two curiosities from this brand T&P, an Alfa Romeo 8C and a Bugatti Veyron. I don’t really know what to think about it, it’s on the tooned side and very detailed. I like the cars themselves, so I’m keeping them. You can find this brand on eBay !

Another RWB from my resin collection is this bronze / gold 993 with rear cut from a brand I absolutely forgot the name. I’m not even sure there was a name on it. Those 1/64 resin cars have most of the time very obscure origins, and don’t always count on licences. Anyway, I like it a lot because it represents very well my interpretation of a 993 RWB : this damn rear cut. I love to see the exhausts like this. Windows are slightly unglued but nothing too bad.

Checkpoint : the 911 Singer and the rear cut 993 are cars that I wanted badly and that own their place into my collection very strongly. The next one is also one of them : Peako DeTomaso P72. This is a car I wanted so badly in any form, and it turned out to be a 1/64 resin car. I totally fell in love with this car when it was revealed some years ago. I have made an article about it (direct link here) and was a bit disappointed by the quality of Peako models. Don’t expect too much from this brand.

Ferrari models are always specials. This brand is special. The two Ferrari 250 GTO I have here are from a supposed brand “JEC 64” and I’m sure it isn’t licensed. They are models I like, colors I like very much and they come (in option) with a little Enzo figure that really animates your photography. The cast is not perfect (rear wheel is big) and I’m positive that My64 has a better 250GTO. But I like them, and I will keep them. eBay remains the best source.

#Error404. What a strange brand name, but what a cool casting they made! This Mercedes-Benz is one of my first resin models, and I immediately wanted one. It was only some years later that other brands like Tarmac Works, Mini GT, Inno64 or Hot Wheels start to make it. For me, this one is almost perfect and I don’t really need others. Look at the wheels !!! It’s a pure joy.

This amazing German missile is made by MotorHelix and produced by Timothy&Pierre … you can easily see their touch (perfect mold, transparent base …). This Audi RS7 is like a 1/18 scale model car in 1/64. I don’t know how they managed to make such details at this size. I chose the Nardo grey.

The two models shown below are from Neo Scale Models and are clearly a bit under in term of quality. They are cheaper too, which isn’t bad, but don’t expect as many details. Neo is also making a lot of 1/64 resin American trucks. Though I think that the treatment of the front grills are very impressive. I don’t really know if they will exit or not my collection. Still debating.

And finally, here are the 4 Inno64 R resin models I’ve decided to display. You already know everything about them if you checked my previous articles on this blog!

All in all, my resin collection is a bit messy. You can easily see that there is no particular theme here. This collection is more guided by the quality of execution of the models. I am not able to tell you where it is going precisely. I would like very much have some My64 Ferraris (but they are very expensive) such as adding more Timothy&Pierre. I also don’t know anything about their value. Most of them are so obscure that it is hard to determine if the money invested in them is totally lost or if they will be very sought after (which I doubt). Again, I think the key here is to be guided by passion.


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  1. Those Neo models look pretty nice, good to see some old-timers in resin. Will be watching for some for a reasonable price. I also love the T&P Singers (I have many), but wish the size was true 1:64. Recently bought the Pop Race version on that purple Singer with roof rack and surf board(s), did not know T&P had done it. Great pics as usual! 

  2. Those Timothy & Pierre singers are quite nice, but I find the roofline to be a little bit low, not quite the right profile for the 911, but still quite nice. I have a couple of different colors, and what I do really like about them is how faithfully they are to the details of the individual cars. I know Pop Race is making these Singers now, too, but they don’t seem to be based on actual Singer cars. The T&P are, and subtle differences are recreated, like some cars have the rain light in the rear bumper and some don’t. If you look up the actual car that the model is based on you can see that they’ve even got that detail correct.

    Another resin Porsche release I have is the JEC Porsche 934 models. They released three different liveries, I think, and they are really well done. Not easy to find anymore, but well worth the price if you can find them.

    Great review, thanks for posting your thoughts on all of these.

  3. You should check the base part of the tyres of these resin models as well. Most of my models which are screwed to the base have developed flat tyres. Specially the resin ones. Now I have kept all my models unscrewed.

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