DE TOMASO P72, by Peako64

Here is a car that leaves few people indifferent. Most of the time, whether you like it, whether you hate it. Me, I’m in. Just for once, this supercar was presented at GoodWood Festival of Speed in 2019. This 700hp amazing car is based on an Appolo (Gumpert) and is supposed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand. The car is limited to 72 pieces with a cost of 750.000€.

Our little resin replica is limited to 699 pieces, which is not much, and I have the number 420. It comes in an acrylic display case, quite common and not much super premium like. The base is simple, such as the inscriptions. You can find some on eBay.

The car itself is satisfying, with a good replica of the very beautiful lines of this combination of Ferrari P3/4, Alfa Romeo 8C and Pagani’s interiors. It’s a piece of art, that I instantly wanted in the collection.

I don’t know much Peako, neither Peako64, and the brand went resin, which is understandable considering the rarity of the car and the very few possibilities to use the mold later. Plus, the line are pretty much complex. Other than that, the number of pieces produced is not much (699). Another blue color exists though. I had my replica at Agtoycars, a cool dude based in Spain that runs a very impressive eBay shop of mostly 1:64 cars. It’s a very big refenrence for the 1/64 in Europe, I’m sure you can find what you want in his shop. Speaking of shop, he created a website where you can directly buy your models too.

As far as the replica is fine, I’m still a little bit disappointed by the lack of details. It feels that Peako64 is not an old brand, but they could have pushed the details further. To be clear, this model is clearly under Inno64’s resin quality, Timothy&Pierre or MotorHelix. Though, the price can fool you, because the model is not cheap. But rather limited …

On the negative points, I deplore the lack of delicacy on the mirrors, a rather simple interior, an absence of brake disks and calipers, a lack of black paint on the rear grills and above all very poor quality on the aeration grids. This particular point kills the car, in my opinion. The rear taillights are very simple, and the engine is clogged. The paint is not that premium either.

On positive aspects, the line is fine, the rims are fine, glasses and supports of mirrors too.

All in all, I would have preferred a very premium replica for such a rare and subtle car, rather than a so-so resin replica, with quite a high price. Do Peako64 will get better with future releases ? I don’t know, and I don’t really care because I might not get others. I wanted this car in this color, and I’m fine with it. I just want to warn you that the expectations might be a little too high in contrast with the replica you’ll have in hands. It remains a very nice minicar for collectors that don’t expect too many details. Plus, you might not see this car elsewhere in 1/64.


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  1. This to me is why I’ve had a hard time caring for most of the premium/super-premium lines. TLV and classic Kyosho can justify their prices (mostly), but the rest feel further out of reach than I would like given the scale (basically, they’re poor value vs other diecast or even other toys). FrontiArt has a better Koenigsegg Jesko, sure, but even 2x sticker for the Hot Wheels is still a more fiscally sound proposition (not that anyone should pay double for a mainliner). It’s why even now, I’m still pining for the bigger brands to gain more licensing opportunities.

  2. Thanks for saving me some money! I was planning on getting one of these, but your stellar review and photos have convinced me I wouldn’t have been happy if I did.

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