5 resin models in a row : Nissan Skyline ER34 LBWK Super Silhouette rainbow (Inno64)

Inno64 is doing it again. Their first foray into 1/64 scale resin models scale was more or less discreet and featured on this blog with the exact same casting. I cannot tell you how sales have been on these, but my guess is it was correct enough for the brand to make it again. This time, they went all in with 5 colors in a row.

5 colors but almost each car gets its own specificity. The Midnight Purple II has a color changing, the blue metallic has chromed wheels, the yellow is more classical, the matte black is … matte black and the last one gets an Advan deco. Make your choice. Mine is definitely going on the blue metallic because of the paint quality and the chromed wheels combo. I also like very much the matte black (it reminds me the Car Culture chase model from Hot Wheels) and the yellow. I’m less interested in the two remaining models.

From a collector perspective, as you probably know me, I’m not really in LBWK theme and these silhouette have not very much attraction on me. But I really like this blue one! From an execution perspective, I think they are amazing. The subtlety you can get with a resin mold is just top notch. Of course, it’s fragile, light, it doesn’t roll at all and it is meant to be displayed. This is why the packaging is very qualitative with a special base. Please note that each car gets a color sewing that matches the color of the car. This is a very appreciable detail.

That is more or less all I have to say about these, except that I truly think that once again, they are very affordable for the quality they are, and looking at the 1/64 resin market. You can find them on eBay around 50-60$ or any good diecast (resin) seller.

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