Matchbox Leipzig Auction C

As you will know now, Leipzig is taking place in Germany this weekend. A few weeks ago I showcased Auction A on the blog, and as this blog report goes live, that one is just finished. However, as the convention in Germany winds down, with Auction B being just for those in attendance on the Saturday night, Dirk Schleuer once again opens up the last 10 items to the world.

As I said, when I was posting Auction A, this is being run through Dirk, who lives in Germany. Hence, all details being in German and in English. Again, you can see the rules above laid out by Dirk, and he will only accept bids through his email. The one. And all bids are in Euros. Auction C will begin one day after I initially post this. Sunday 1st October at 2pm Berlin time (GMT+2, so you need to check for time differences where you live). It will run for exactly 1 week. Therefore, it will finish on Sunday 8th October at 2pm Berlin time again. Good luck if you bid on the models. And without further ado, let’s get to the final lot of 10 items.

Lot C01 is another chance to collect one of the rare 1 of 25 pink examples of this year’s model. If you do not know what it is, I will be showcasing all the models in my usual Matchbox Monday post over on Wheel Collectors on Monday. It is beautiful.

Lot C02 is a 3D mock-up of the MB1120 Hummer that was created in 2019 for the Jurassic World series.

Lot C03 is an FEP sample of the MB1305 Porsche Cayenne Turbo that was created for the 2022 Best of Germany series.

Lot C04. Something unique. In 2015, Toyo Tires, took an old 1959 Ferret Mk2, that had originally been built by Daimler for the British Army, and transformed it into the 1-off Toyo Tires Ferret SUV, showing it off in 2016. Matchbox were going to make a model of this vehicle in the mid 2010s, based around their direction taken at the time, but sadly it only got to this 3D rendering stage before the project got cancelled. It never even received a MAN number. This is a rather special item, and surely a very unusual piece to own.

Lot C05 is a pre-production sample of the new MB1344 ’86 Volvo 240 in a pale blue, with handwritten markings on the roof.

Lot C06 is an FEP sample of the MB1136 ’62 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Coupe from the 2022 Moving Parts series.

Lot C07 is an early 3D-print of the MB1365 ’92 Mazda Autozam AZ-1 that debuted this year.

Lot C08 is an FEP sample of the MB1269 Nissan Z Proto that came from the 2022 Mattel Creations series, including all additional pieces/packaging.

Lot C09 is a pre-production sample of the MB1205 ’16 Alfa Romeo Giulia in a dark red, blue windows and real riders. This appears to be almost identical to the 2020 Toy Fair edition, but only sporting simple front and rear detailing, and not all the additional toy fair related information.

Lot C10 is an unriveted pre-production sample of the MB810 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor. The elastic bands will be thrown in for free.

This is the set of 10 for Auction C. The auction begins Sunday 1st October at 2pm (Berlin GMT+2) and conclude Sunday 8th October at 2pm (Berlin GMT+2). Good luck if you aim to bag one of these.

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  1. A shame about that Daimler Ferret never getting made. I’ve loved Ferrets ever since the movie Short Circuit. I know Matchbox technically did one way back when as the “Weasel,” but it’s not quite the same.

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