Matchbox Monday is “F” ‘n back to basics

Batch F. The mid-point of the 2023 basic range. Yes, I am a little behind. There is so much cool stuff coming from Matchbox, that I don’t want to miss things. I will attempt to cat up a bit soon, but not now. This was a big batch. Plenty of new models, and although I got most from Wheel Collectors, there was one I needed to obtain elsewhere. You know which it was. As is the case, this is up on my Matchbox Monday page here over at Wheel Collectors. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Great mix that i recommend, it’s a must have for sure ! I have it since 2 weeks, oh yeah Baby ! . I need to clarify something, there’s a guy claiming on his blog that Matchbox Basics mix 12 is this years last mix, is he right or wrong ? They have announced 13 mixes throughout the year, so who’s right ?

    1. I put it at 12 mixes this year. I opened a full 72 count case of Matchbox last week and that had the letter K on the box signifying mix 10. There are another 2 mixes after that totalling 12.

      1. Yes. 12 batches through the year. Next year should be the same. Hence, me going through F I am now halfway through. I have G and H ready to blog about. I am getting there. As I said, I may have to double up on a few things if I start drifting too far behind again.

    2. There are 12 in total. I think Abe mentioned originally, back at the 2022 Gathering there would be a 4-week change, but it got tweaked, so reduced from 13 mixes to 12. Now a monthly rollout.

      1. Thanks for the info Sir David Tilley, we in Poland now stuck at mix 9 , we are little behind the rest of the world, just little 🙂 I won’t lie as i’m very very excited for the 1986 Volvo 240 and Plymouth Coupe and last but not least Morris Minor. Time flies fast, wow !

  2. Breaking news ! Yesterday i saw a new type of box for Matchbox Moving Parts 2024, imho not a step forward, quite unpleasant surprise 🙁 I saw it on some French or Canadian site (translator needed)

    1. Yes, I have seen the new packaging as well. It doesn’t appear to have garnered a positive response so far. I wonder if the exposed section is the main issue. It feels like it is too easy to pop a model out.

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