Is it the best Inno64 box set ever ? Toyota Celica 1600GT Nippon Grand Prix 1972

This box set will draw attention. I hope it will, because it’s so desirable. The last box set by Inno64 is all about vintage Japanese racing and what a joy it is.

The Toyota 1600GT from Inno64 is a rather recent casting that came for the Macau Grand Prix sets a few years ago, and these two are the third and fourth racing variations. In one word : they totally surpass the two Macau versions. I really mean it. The box sets concept is really nice, and I totally love it because it gives collectors the possibility to choose how to dispose of it. The box itself is very qualitative, not too big and you can choose to let your models inside, expose it, store it, or display the cars as you want as they come in regular standard boxes with a display base. The models are also exclusive to the box set, of course.

Racing seems to be the theme for the box sets for now, which is cool. A first exception is the Coca Cola box set of the Fairlady Z (that I will feature very soon on this blog). You can find the box set on eBay around 45 – 55$.

The 1972 Nippon Grand Prix happened at Fuji Speedway where Nissan Sunnys, Toyota Corolla Levins and 1600GTs mostly raced as hell. If you want to have a closer look, please take a minute to appreciate how fun this type of races were – and how safety was not even a notion back in time (look at the car on the roof in the corner, just left here and drivers passing by!). Here is a short YouTube video of the race :

Everything about this racing 1600GT is nice to my eyes, from the stance to the look to colors. I absolutely adore the white bases, the numbers 67 and 68 on them. As always, attention to details is very important for Inno64 so both cars have some differences such as mirrors treatment or Celica tampo on the rear spoiler. I think I’m sure to love the grey better, but I can’t really explain why. The painted headlights are absolutely nice and are so vintage racing look. The overall look of these two racing machines is just too good to be true. They are totally my kind of s*** and I encourage you to have a set while you can. You won’t regret it a second if you have a bit of nostalgic racing vibes in your veins.

Meeting a top 5 new model from your favorite brand is not everyday. This duo will for sure have a special place in my Inno64 displays and I don’t know how these 1600GT will be bet. Wait and see …

Find them on eBay here (direct link).

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews.


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