Do you drink Coca-Cola ? The last box set from Inno64 …

Well, here is a new box set from Inno64 and it is completely different from the previous I’ve featured on this blog. This time Inno64 is having a collaboration with Tiny Hong Kong, a diecast brand that has the Coca-Cola licence. They have decided to use it and please Coca-Cola fans. It is also a way to use the molds and have some fun with a legendary eye-catching brand.

While I was over excited with the Celica 1600GT vintage racing box set, I’m a bit less with this one that is more on the fantasy side. I’m not a Coca-Cola collector (but I drink some sometimes!) and I know a lot of collectors worldwide collect Coca-Cola items with some very serious collections. These are not particularly my cup of tea but let’s have a neutral look at them.

The box set itself is exactly based on the same concept as the others, with a qualitative cardboard box and two models inside. For once, there is a numbered collector red card and you know that the box is limited to 999 pieces (I randomly have number 0596). The concept is cool and is not as useless as other brands with cards without the number of cars produced (…). Oh, I forgot to say that the box set is all about the Nissan Fairlady with a duo of S30 and Z32.

The S30 is pretty nice with its white/red contrast and blue stripes. It gives the car a vintage look that suits the casting pretty well. Yellow rims are nice such as “Coke” plates, a nice detail. I cannot say the same of the Z32 that is, in my opinion, not a brilliant choice of car for such an advert car and whose deco and white rims cannot convince me. Neutral I said. Well, this duo is all about the Z and Coca-Cola, if you like or collect one of those two themes, or both, go for it (and it’s limited to 999 pieces!). It is also officially licensed.

Inno64 was kind enough to send me a third model to show to you, that is the Honda City Turbo II (with Motocompo) with Coca-Cola deco and Japanese (?) inscriptions. The overall look of this City Turbo is pretty nice in red with white inscriptions and the red Motocompo. You get as always the full opening parts of this model.

All in all, Inno64 is using Tiny HK licence and I like all this are official licensed products. The choice of the cars are subject to discussion, but I’m sure it will please Coca-Cola fans and Asian collectors. You can find the models on eBay!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. The cars and castings look great. I’ve never been huge on Coke cross promotion. I’m just waiting on tokyo station preorders. I feel like it’s taking forever!

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