Matchbox Leipzig Auction A

It’s that time of the year again. After the Albuquerque USA convention in July, we get the Leipzig convention in Germany, running alongside the Modell-Hobby-Spiel event. As has been the scenario these last few years, Dirk Schleuer, who runs the European convention, has a lot of auction items available to those who are going, but for those who don’t, he doesn’t ignore you. What he set up is a 3-auction set-up. Auction A will run from tomorrow at 2pm Berlin time (this is GMT +2), and will conclude on Saturday 30th at 2pm (Berlin time).

These are the dates and times in German and English for those who are interested. As is the routine, Auction A is open to the world. All you have to do is submit your bids by email to Dirk. Auction B is just for those in attendance. When the convention finishes, Auction C will begin, and run another week coming out of the event. Check back next week, as I will be posting Auction C items then, for those who may be interested.

This is the guideline for the auctions. As Dirk says, he will send out daily emails to those participating. The first person who bids a certain amount is the high bidder. If he receives an email from somebody else with the same bid amount (in euros, please remember that, it’s in Germany), they will be informed that this is the high bid, but it is not them. It has worked in the past, so why change it. So’ let’s get on with the lots.

Lot 1 is a resin sample of the MB963 Spark Arrestor from before production began in 2015.

Lot 2 is a 3D-printed prototype of the MB1078 ’16 Chevy Colorado Xtreme from 2018.

Lot 3 is an FEP (Final Engineering Pilot) of the MB1267 ’64 Chevy C10 Longbed that appeared in the 2022 Moving Parts series.

Lot 4 is an FEP of the MB1262 ’78 Subaru BRAT, also from the 2022 Moving Parts series.

Lot 5 is a 3D-printed prototype of the MB1347 ’70 Honda N600 Off Road, which is just appearing this year.

Lot 6 is an FEP sample of the MB1275 ’86 Ford F-150 from the Jurassic World Dominion series.

Lot 7 is an FEP sample of the Japanese exclusive Moving Parts release of the MB1258 Nissan Nismo GT-R (R35) from 2022.

Lot 8 is an early prototype of the MB776 Street Sweeper without the brushes on the sides.

Lot 9 is a prototype of the MB689 ’06 Ford Crown Victoria with unspun rivets. This means it can be dismantled. It has no light bar or taxi sign in the roof, so could be either.

Finally, lot 10 is your opportunity to obtain 1 of only 25 of the rare helper model in pink of this year’s convention vehicle. It will not be unveiled until the convention, but I can assure you it is amazing. It is one of the 4 different colours for this year’s model, and all were code 1 Mattel-made issues. I will be doing a run-down of them next week on the Wheel Collectors website in my usual Monday slot, so be prepared.

So, this is it for Auction A. 10 lots. Good luck with bidding. The auction begins Monday 18th at 2pm (GMT +2), whatever that translates into your time zone.

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