Matchbox Monday runs through the 2024 line preview

I did a line preview. Short and sweet. Well, my version of short and sweet. It is up on the Wheel Collectors website. And you can click here to go to my Matchbox Monday page. I hope you enjoy it. Next week, when I return home, I will be back to my usual stuff.

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    1. Hope we do, there are some pretty cool models there. Where do I start?
      Meanwhile back on the home front I’ve just found 2023 case F in B&M. Whatever happened to E? And The Entertainer had some collectors range Corvettes and Dodge Monacos but at ยฃ9 each they stayed on the pegs

      1. It’s Case G now appearing at B&M and the good news Mike is that all the new releases from the missing E and F batches crossover into G so we haven’t missed out.
        The Entertainers prices have always been on the high side though I suspect after the usual 28 days they’ll be reduced in some spurious special offer.

  1. Ford Fiesta and jaaaaags…. Tbh some Euro lineups too!…
    Great lineups and themes to come in 2024.
    Ford Anglia I would love to see in yellow with flames on the doors for future. Vivian from the young ones style car.
    I’m now reading of how some UK good folk have found Various waves and cases.
    My local area is very poor and keep stocking the same….same….same…
    B&M my local too……
    Shame because 2024 lineups as advertised I believe as ever will skip and not arrive.
    I hope I’m wrong .

    1. Just give it a few more weeks and I’m sure the situation will be better. I have lots of B&M stores in my area, there are three in my home town, and yet only ONE so far has this new mix in. The rest still full of Case D.
      I think once all these early 2023 batches are finally cleared through new mixes should come on stream much more regularly.
      As for Moving Parts etc I suggest more collectors put pressure on our stockists to get them in. There is a lot of blame towards Mattel on here but they aren’t stopping anyone from ordering different Matchbox lines. It’s the indifference and laziness of out big name shops who only see the potential of Hot Wheels and nasty HTI Teamsterz.

      1. I agree ๐Ÿ’ฏ… I think it is the problem where outlets are stuck in their ways. Especially when it comes to diecast selection now.
        It’s a shame Matchbox fell wayside for years and also putting the product into Asda then Tesco ONLY…
        The other options as a major brand is to advertise by TV, posters, their own stands in shops with a lovely display. Also send any/every outlets samples/books about Matchbox product.
        That is the problems I believe that are not being done.
        My local B&M has three stands for Hotwheels.
        My local Martin’s news agent’s has Hotwheels… Co-op does…. In fact everywhere you go.
        It sadly now feel that this brand isn’t taken that seriously because of many past yo-yo experience put upon it.
        Also a generation of youth who only know of Hotwheels and the lovely beautiful HTI …. The Generation has jumped and probably Matchbox who?!….
        Us Dad’s and old SkOol know Matchbox and know what it means …
        All I can say they MattelMatchbox are doing now a great job for selections and the REAL theme now .. The product needs advertising and reintroduced to UK. Also be Hotwheels too …
        70 years๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ happy b’day…

  2. Regarding Ford Anglia… It will be wanted one by many, not only by die-cast collectors but also Harry Potter fans. Buying it online may be the only option, one thing is certain, it’s nicely designed and has most open parts so far, not only doors but also trunk.More European models could be a proimising sign for Europeans, or atleast Western Europeans. I on the other hand, still have so much to collect, so i can’t care that much about 2024 stuff. There’s no 2023 stuff…:(

  3. Wow, just wow, if I’m not mistaken, the new Oldsmobile 442 from the Collectors series has a metal baseplate.

  4. If I ran my business like this Iโ€™d be on bread and soup. Itโ€™s a very simple concept, send them out in a reasonable number on time.

  5. The new Astra is gorgeous as long it’s gs version, basic version is too humble for my tastes, i appreciate the fact, there are still normal new cars too choose from, electric cars sucks and suvs, what’s with the suv only models ?

  6. I think the number of ‘waves’, the amount of models and the fact that each year the basic line is totally refreshed has a lot to do with the current situation. Think why the original 1-75 range was so successful for many years under Lesney and then Universal. There was never any difficulty in getting hold of anything then, other than the promos and country specific variations that often required a bit of chasing down. That was fun. It’s long since been fun.

  7. New 5 packs now appearing at Morrisons and Case J singles at The Entertainer which is a promising sign after Sainsburys have discontinued Matchbox and many, but not all, Tesco stores are clearing them too.

  8. I can’t complain as August’s hunting is very good to me ! Two new 2023 Moving Parts models – 1963 Ford F-100 and Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste, the only stuff from 2023, question is what happened to rest of the models from this mixes ? see how limited this stuff is ? Shops are literally empty, You do not get all You want, just some tiny fraction of it. When it comes to the Basics , some shops haven’t restocked since God knows when, while others offers some new models, mostly generics ๐Ÿ™ Push n Puller, Garbage King and Chow Mobille II abundantly hangs from the pegs + many generics from previous years : Mbx Cargo truck in both colors blue and red, also speed trapper and Trailer Trawler comes to mind ๐Ÿ™ What a poor show.

  9. Is there any actual way of this website feeding back to Mattel about their lack of supply in the U.K.? They seem to be doing their level best to avoid supplying the U.K. completely. It will probably lead to most collectors giving up and the brand ultimately being scrapped in the U.K.

  10. It’s nice they showed new stuff at the 21 Annual Matchbox Gathering for the 2024 model year, however doubt we will see any of it next year, sorry

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