Some Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 you will not see everyday, by Inno64

Are we hitting R34 overload ?

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is definitely a must have in any collection, and in any model maker catalogue. Why is this car so popular ? It’s a good question that might be a good thesis subject. Some ideas can be popular video games, a car with amazing performances, a car suitable for custom … but is it really a good looking car ? To me, the Nissan R34 is not particularly a good looking car, however the most extreme versions are very nice.

We know Inno64 has a total crush for the R34. On one hand it’s a very loved model for the team. One the other hand it’s a very popular car that will sell a lot. So, win win eh ? The question is now to know if the casting is good. We already know it is, from my 4 957 previous articles on the R34 variations.

But does a good casting must be seen so much ? This total exploitation of the casting investment might bore some collectors, and I must admit I’m at the limit. I think I have enough very well done variations of the R34 to be happy (and I cannot display them all). I also figure that collectors don’t buy every single variation, but I can understand the frustration or the disappointment at every new R34 announcement, being said that many other exciting cars have still few variations done like the Jaguar XJ-S or the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. What do you collectors think about it ?

Enough about debate and introduction, let’s now have a look at 5 not common GT-R R34 from Inno64 specially made for diecast expos. We will split the article into two parts.

Part 1 : The Chrome cars

Three special Nissan GT-R R34 were made for the Hobby Expo China 2023 Event Edition in the Chrome collection. It’s not Inno’s first attempt for chrome cars and I think the brand masters pretty well the paint problematic. It’s obviously not easy to have a clean rendered were many things can happen : a bad “mirror” finish, finger prints, patches … My three models are very good, and please don’t imagine my models are specially observed before shipping because those are coming in a cardbox, wrapped. So, my guess is that if quality control exists at Inno’s, it’s at the factory.

Three chrome colors are done : black chrome, silver and gold. I imagine that chrome and specially gold are very requested by Chinese collectors. The paint is good, I wouldn’t say perfect, but always remember the price tag of a Inno model. My favorite is the gold, first because it peps up, then because it’s a first from Inno.

The model used is a Nissan Skyline GT- R34 Nismo R-Tune already seen grey, white, blue and black in the mainline. The Nismo R-Tune decoration is applied above the chrome paint without any problem (it seems).

Important thing to notice if you want to invest into those chrome R34, they have a metal chassis and have a perfect stance, while the carbon edition (see part 2 above) have a plastic base. All in all, I don’t know much what to think about these. I am more interested in real liveries / real replicas of real cars, so I see them as special items in my Inno64 collection, like a little piece of art of what the brand is able to do, having fun with a casting they love. You can find them on eBay at various prices, around 50$/piece.

Chrome metal base on the left. Full carbon plastic base on the right.
Other chrome colors from Inno64

What about the carbon edition ?

Part 2 : the full carbon cars

Once again, Inno64 has already made full carbon cars with the Nissan GT-R R32 (a car with too big wheels by the way). This R34 is definitely the best companion you will find for it, if you’re lucky enough to have one. The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Z-Tune full carbon has been released for the Malaysia diecast expo 2023 event edition a few months ago. In this case, I fear that R34 overload is near. Is it because I’m not particularly interested in the livery ? Maybe. Or maybe because it doesn’t get a metal chassis, which is not a big deal for me. But it seems it has a consequence on the stance of the car, that is not as good as the chrome metal based versions.

It must be noticed that some lucky collectors might grab a chase version of this car in full green carbon. According to my information, it’s around 8 pieces in each 48 box. This car seems pretty expansive on the market (around 200$ on eBay). I am not very excited by this Asian green machine. Actually, I’m happy to have a chase version in my collection, but this livery is just not OK for me, such as the green baseplate. It just doesn’t work.

All in all, I’m pretty convinced by the chrome versions, but not that much by the full carbon models. I think chrome versions are solid pieces for your collection. Hardcore GT-R collectors will definitely be happy to have 5 more R34 in special liveries to hunt. For others, I suggest you to try at least one chrome version.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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