Matchbox Monday “E”-lectrifies us with another basics batch

Time is inching closer to my annual trip to the USA to attend the Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque, NM. I have a couple of reports to drop before we get our first glimpse of what to expect for 2024. Ooh, I cannot wait. But for now, I am still busy working my way through the 2023 stuff. This wee sees me tackle the 5th batch of the basic range, over at the Wheel Collectors website. They did get a certain Super Chase in their assortment, which was a great addition to my report. I hope you enjoy my rambling as usual. It will be at this link to my Matchbox Monday page. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow ! You’re lucky to have them, in Poland, we have 3rd or 4th mix right now. Collecting should be fun You know, with Matchbox it’s not, and i blame Mattel for that. There’s tv ads in between kids cartoons, but when you go to the stores they’re empty (no Matchbox there). I took die-cast hunting on a completely new level, each month i visit 4 different cities with nearly 30 shops or shopping mall, it takes lot’s of dedication, miles to drive, gas/petrol too, but i don’t care, i just want to be lucky in my Matchbox hunting, that’s all.

  2. Another dumb idea is 13 mixes/batches, if there is such a problem with distribution then it should be like this : All the stuff righ from the beginning of the year and then throughout the year supplement accordingly.

  3. I don’t like being forced to do anything, and that’s how I feel when I go to the store and the choice is obvious, mattel knows for me what to choose, what’s best for me, but it’s my money and I have a different opinion on what’s good for me, I want good Matchbox availability, could care less about hot wheels, it’s garbage.

  4. Matchbox Gathering is approaching fast like in a week. Now what to expect ? Im curious about 2024 line-ups more than anything as we already know what’s left for 2023. I’m also wondering what’s the Matchbox future, if there is a future that is. This years Anniversary is sad, kind of. There was no gesture of goodwill, no acknowledging there’s a problem with distribution, their silence on the problem leads me to believe that they don’t care about Matchbox, don’t get me wrong, Matchbox is there to make a profit to some point, sure, but in grand scheme of things Matchbox positions is to never be as successful as hot wheels. Being kept under control so mattel has no real competition and that’s why they keep Matchbox. It is my belief if Matchbox was in proper hands there would be no problem with distribution, but because the only thing they care is hot wheels, Matchbox cannot spread it’s wings.

    1. A lot of collectors share your frustration but I think Matchbox is very safe under Mattel ownership. Their line up is probably more diverse and exciting than its EVER been in its 75 years with a huge annual choice of basic Mainline with hardly any generics, Moving Parts, Collectors, Working Rigs etc….
      There is definitely an issue in many countries such as here in the UK with the choice available in stores but my point is, is that necessarily Mattels fault? I suspect a lot of the blame lies in retailers who don’t have the imagination/space/interest in stocking a big variety of diecasts particular the full spectrum of Matchbox products. Their products are available to any company/importer/distributor who wants them but so many don’t or are very slow to take them up. Our Entertainer toy chain now stocks MBX basics, multipacks, Skybusters, Hitch n Haul and now Collectors which is a good sign.
      I suggest you keep pestering your toy retailers and get your fellow collectors to do the same, it might just enlighten them to the potential of stocking Matchbox.

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