Matchbox Monday looks at some 70th Anniversary models

Another week, and another Matchbox blog for me. This will be up on the Wheel Collectors web page, showcasing one of the side ranges that, in the USA, is a Walmart exclusive (what it tends to be referred to as), but Mattel will allow other countries to order them if they request it. So in some other markets, you might find these “Walmart exclusives” appear there too. As a rule, though, because Mattel only created these because Walmart requested something unique, we stick to the easy way of describing them. Walmart exclusives. This is the second of 6 batches of models that will appear in the Walmart exclusive portfolio. The only one that has all-new looks for castings. The rest feature some carry forwards on top of unique models. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link to the Wheel Collectors blog page if you need it.

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  1. Well… I have mixed feelings about this year’s Matchbox Gathering, for starters who was responsible for the quality of the presentation video? I would like to know that, hire someone who knows how to use a camera, have a whole year and prepare so badly, there is no excuse for that, sorry. Secondly, the models are good, but there was no wow effect and, judging by the reaction of the audience, they were not particularly delighted either, very little admiration from the audience or am i wrong ?

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