Inno64 Australian special Nissan GT-S R31 Bathurst 1000 (1989)

Another Australian special model from Inno64 is hitting the market. I count it as the 4th model from this special series, with two Nissan R32 (with one from Pop Race) and a legendary Benson&Hedges Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth (reviewed here).

Few Australian sport cars (not really Australian, but cars that raced here) will be able to beat the above mentioned Ford Sierra and I don’t think this new GT-S HR31 will do. Though, it’s a super nice casting and livery that Inno64 is offering to the collectors. We are in 1989 and Jim Richards is running up the Bathurst hill. The casting mold is very good and I have nothing to reproach. The deco scheme is super cool and matching – if I may say so – the R32 already released. Such as the baseplate.

The wheels in white are super cool too. I definitely believe that this R31 is more fine and detailed than the R30. That being said, my Australian touring car collection is growing and I cannot be more happy. I have serious doubts to see more exotics models from Australia, which is a shame, but aren’t we allowed to dream ? In the meantime, you can find this Nissan Skyline on eBay for reasonable price.

The real R31
Other R31 with 3 types of wheels

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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