An overview of the last new Inno64 models

Happy new year all. I’m back with some novelties from my favorite Macau based brand for an overview of the new models of late 2022 – early 2023. While the very new and hot new castings have been largely covered, I propose to have a quick look at what I would call new colors, recolors, variations and other news.

Don’t forget that all the models shown here can be found on eBay.

This Fairlady Z in Pace Car Fuji livery is among my favorite models of 2022 as I have reviewed in my Top 10 article. It is a must have.

Regarding this R30, in grey, it is so far the best color and configuration in my opinion. I love the red interior and the gold lace wheels. I cannot really say the same for the red version.

This racing livery is a very welcome addition where a lot of efforts have been done! It came into my honorable mentions too.

It is nice to finally see the Honda Civic Si E-AT coming in street version. A street version, but a sporty one, in pure Inno64 fashion. If you want to get a super stock Honda Civic Si E-AT, you probably have better to choose a Tomica Limited Vintage or a Hobby Japan.

This pair is also a pair of recolors. Admire the interior of the Celica. The exhaust system of the Boss Aero Silvia is amazing.

December 2022 was the great return of another iteration of the famous Lancer Evolution III in both clean and dirty Malaysia Rally 1996. It is always welcome.

As a bonus, let me show you this special edition of a raw first shot prototype version of the upcoming Nismo 400R. I’m not entirely sure of what it is exactly, and it seems exclusive to My64 and it should represents the prototype of the car, which might be corrected on some points ? Anyway it is a heavy piece of metal on metal and for sure super original. Not really beautiful and detailed but surely interesting for the collection.

As a final bonus, I also have to show you the final three models of the Shell x Tiny HK collection. Not my cup of tea, but rather good quality models for sure.

All Inno64 models can be ordered on eBay easily at normal prices.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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