Matchbox Monday begins 2022 batch F

This week sees me doing a more standard post. I am working my way through batch F of 2022. Yes, 2023 is already out. Hence me doubling up on some content. I did contemplate doubling up and just doing the entire batch in 1 go. But I thought it was a little too much, 2 weeks in a row. So this week, it is cut in half and the other half will appear in a few weeks. Next week I will be doubling up on content again. As is the case nowadays, this is shown in full on the Wheel Collectors website, and you can click here to go to the blog section. I hope you enjoy it. This week, I did manage a little dive back into my collection.

7 Replies to “Matchbox Monday begins 2022 batch F”

  1. A bit delayed, it did show up finally in the beginning of January of 2023 here in Poland, what’s even more interesting, mix 1 & mix 2 1 – 100 for 2023 showed up too as early as 13 of January, all of this gives me hope that this years gonna be a better year in terms of availability.

  2. A bit delayed… it did show up finally in the beginning of January of 2023 here in Poland, so i really can’t complain, with a relief i can say things are going in the right direction ! Finally ! Not everyone want collect hw

  3. To me, Matchbox always was and always be British in the first place. That’s why it was so awesome ! like Mini or The Beatles… 1953 – 1982 always in our collectors heart. Thank You Sir Leslie and Rodney Smith. MADE IN ENGLAND, simple statement on baseplate a promise of dedication to a high quality.

  4. Matchbox singles and 5 available at Morrisons. Does this mean availability will be better in 2023 now the exclusive deal with Tesco has ended? Let’s all hope so!!

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