Matchbox Monday powers through the Jurassic World stuff

This week, I have gone nuts. I was going to be preparing a total of 3 different Jurassic World posts to finish off the 2022 items. But, instead, I took the week off work and did them all in one go. This article is long. Very long! It is up on the Wheel Collectors website, and feel free to read it if you click here.

Next week will be a more regular article again. These combination posts are not every week, just at times to help me not fall too far behind. So after this, be prepared for a more normal feeling posting next week. Until then, I hope I don’t bore people too much with the ultra long Jurassic post.

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  1. Nice, real nice series, such a shame it’s unavailable at retail stores like many other Matchbox sub-series 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, im a 20 century man, and i prefer the old ways of hunting, besides i’m no Rockeffeller, i don’t want to pay more for less, usually buying online costs more, besides where’s fun with buying online ?

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