Lamley Awards 2022 Tournament: Picking the Best of Matchbox in 2022

Time for our second Lamley Awards Tournament on Instagram.

We introduced the tournaments last year and they were a big hit. So this year we thought, even though we are doing the standard Hot Wheels and Matchbox polls, why now do tournaments as well?

So look for the Best of Hot Wheels Tournament the week of 12/18, and the Best of Matchbox now. While the polls are limited to New Models, the tournaments are open to anything released this year. So I looked at the models that created the most buzz, were generally considered to be the best executed, and those that serious Matchbox collectors told me were some of their faves.

So here they are, the 16 contenders that you will choose tournament style on Instagram. Just head to my account @lamleygroup go to my stories. Each round will last 24 hours, after I do a livestream to seed the pairings.

4 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2022 Tournament: Picking the Best of Matchbox in 2022”

  1. Love all the models, however, rather unfortunately these models leaves me drooling ; they’re not available in India anymore.

  2. I can’t say either….. Never came to the UK/ or my local one and official stockist… Tesco. (Like 90% or more of anything Matchbox.)…
    The pictures look good though. Shame really tbh for the brand here.

  3. That’s a tricky one. MBX has been on an absolute roll this year. Did the Lexus LS not come out this year? That has got to be one of my favorite recent MBXs hands down, it’s exactly the casting I always dreamed about as a kid while attempting to paint taillights on Zylmex’s rather crude version.

  4. I’m so bitter that I was only able to find five of these sixteen, and I’m in the US with over a dozen walmart and target stores within driving distance of my home, and I check the stores frequently. Buying these should be the easiest thing, but it’s not.

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