Matchbox Monday possibly finishes off Retro

This week’s Matchbox Monday blog report, which as you know gets hosted on the Wheel Collectors website, deals with the third of 4 scheduled Retro batches for 2022. But with things finishing for the Retro series, and Target now apparently already removing pegs for them, it is looking more and more likely that batch D is not going to appear. So batch C, which I run through now, could turn out to be the swansong for the series. If you click this link, it will take you to the Wheel Collectors dedicated Matchbox Monday blog page. I hope you enjoy the report, which I did manage to squeeze in a couple of additional dive backs with.

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  1. Ok… or not so ok in this case πŸ™ , series is only for the U.S.A anyway but i was curious about metallic blue Cadillac Eldorado that was supposed to be released in that batch. Who knows maybe they will include that one in 1-100 next year, does that makes sense ?

    1. Nothing makes sense with Mattel. I live in the UK and we’re lucky if we get the full complement of cars, once they do hit the ONE shop that sells them all the good ones get snapped up, but plenty of airport cargo trucks and electric taxis if you want them !

      1. I agree wholeheartedly….. For years good folk of the UK have shouted through the hills to ask wher is Matchbox?!!!… Year in year out the same dire coverage. One box per 250,000 scenerio at Tesco.
        70 years next year and I bet we ain’t invited to the party!!!….
        All the new ranges and retro and so on?!!!…
        Shame really, Mattel lose the money in the UK…..
        Hope things do change for the brand here.

  2. I’ve visited England back in the late 1990’s, couple of times to be exact, and there were signs what’s coming in the future for British collectors already back then πŸ™ , so i’m not that surprised. I stopped collecting Matchbox around 1992/1993 as they closed down bigger toy shops in my city, i live in Poland btw. Up until 1992 latest stuff from Matchbox was abundant in my country, later this changed πŸ™ so i stopped collecting earlier than expected, after that, Majorette filled the void and it was quite abundant in Poland in 1990’s, anyway back to topic, while on my first visit to UK 1998 i was more succesful, i got lucky, i went to a Bury Market and bought some of the Matchbox, what was new to me they’ve changed blisters to a bright colors (orange-yellow) unlike dull blue ones of 1988-1993, that was the only time i got lucky with Matchbox later in 1999 i’ve found none of them only Hot Wheels πŸ™

    1. Arkekadius, I remember as a child of the 80s being excited by getting Hotwheels . I was gifted a construction set and some crash cars. Hotwheels were rare here and I remember seeing American addresses on the back. The UK had many brands to choose everywhere…. Matchbox brand always stuck as my favourite brand. Old lesney, Universal years/Tyco.. to present.
      Some yo-yo .
      It’s great to see the brand still going from Mattel. Also now on the”Real” theme.
      Hotwheels are now everywhere in the UK.
      May not be all or up to date… But everywhere.
      Also a company called HTI teamsters. They are horrible and cheap nasties of blobs diecast.
      Matchbox is a great brand and I hope to see it spread all over many countries waving it’s flags. Treated the same as Hotwheels…. Mattel/Matchbox have gone to all the efforts to keep this brand going but no-one can get them!.. online buying ain’t the same/overpriced.
      Wesolych ‘swi,at.πŸ‘πŸŽ….
      Have a good Christmas all.

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