Opening an all-exclusive 10-pack from the Matchbox Golden Age

Earlier this year I picked up a job lot of Matchbox in a diecast auction. There were some 5-packs and singles, most of which I already had, but the star attraction was this 2007 First Editions 10-pack.

During the so-called Golden Age of Matchbox at the end of the 2000s, 9-packs were 10-packs and many of the decos were exclusive, as they were in the 5-packs. This is the first full 10-pack I’ve bought from 2007 and there’s some great stuff here, especially that metallic red Alfa, which has been on my hitlist for a while.

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The theme of this pack is new models: all were new to the Matchbox Basics range in 2007 except the MB685 2006 Dune Buggy (which came in 2006, obviously!). Whether it was a late replacement for a previously scheduled 2007 model, I’m not sure. All the models are finished in colours exclusive to this pack.

In this quick write-up I’ve just opened up the box to show the models one by one without tons of additional verbiage. Hope you enjoy the pictures, the snow melted sufficiently for one last outdoor photoshoot!

MB729 – Porsche 911 GT3 – 2007

A nice colour for the amazing GT3 casting, but not as good some of the others – for me the off-white, dark blue and black are the best versions.

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MB731 – Baja Bandit

MB706 – Lotus Exige – 2006

Bright green stripes across the top of this one, see pic at the top of the page!

MB685 – 2006 Dune Buggy

MB708 – Delivery Truck (Isuzu Flatbed Truck)

This scheme with the matt green cab is better than most.

MB704 – Power Lift

MB711 – Volvo C30 – 2007

The colour break works really well on this one. The dark blue is another multipack exclusive worth hunting down.

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MB713 – Austin Mini Van – 1965

The only time the Mini Van wore the old-style disc wheels, I think.

MB714 – Lexus GS430 – 2006

A super-clean version of the Lexus, which remains a beautiful casting – just as good as the new LS.

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MB715 – Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA – 1965

The highlight of the pack for me. Great, isn’t it? The colour is incredible and I’m a sucker for a chrome interior.

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That’s the lot. If I’ve piqued your interest, these 10-packs pop up on quite regularly on eBay. Pricing varies depending on the desirability of the models within but keep looking and you might snag a bargain. Happy hunting!

(find Matchbox 10-pack exclusives on eBay)

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  1. Hello Graham. Great 10 pack find! Your Lamley colleague John Lambert occasionally writes about the Matchbox Volvo C30 and the deco in this 10 pack is his favorite. I like this casting, too, and the toy in this set is the only variation I don’t own. The Ebay prices are a bit stratospheric. I almost bought a real C30 back in 2010 but it was too much of a financial lift — along with middling fuel economy. But every time I see one in the wild I feel a twinge of regret.

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