Matchbox Monday continues its world trip, heading over to France

This week, as you know, posted on the Wheel Collectors website, you should find my latest blog report, which you can head to clicking here. This week, I have showcased the final 2022 Best of France edition. After, you will find a small change to my dive backs, though. I recently started a new job, and as such, my spare time is severely reduced. So I have cut down on the amount of dive backs. They are not gone, but not such a large section. I hope people will still enjoy it over. So head over and have a read.

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  1. Congratulations on your new job ! I am recently semi-retired and understand the tricky time planning between fun work and meat and potatoes work! I have learned so much as a new collector from your writings. Nice transition to wheel collectors too, I hope you are still able to find the time for a bit of fun work goin forward.

    1. I am trying my best to keep ticking along with these. There may be a few more tiny tweaks, but all being well, I will still be able to get a weekly report out. Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. So i heard that in 2023 model year, there will be 13 batches instead of 6, not sure if there’s a reason to be happy. Im still waiting for the 2022 1-100 mix 5th & 6th, it’s almost a December and still no signs of those, Im afraid shops won’t be able to deliver with even shorter gaps next year, i hope im wrong about that, gut feeling telling me, yep you’re right 🙁 Matchbox is scarce in my area + 4 medium sized different cities, hotwhels is different sadly, this garbage is everywhere 🙁

    1. Yes, there will be 13 batches. The plan is to go back to the old routine of each 4 weeks get a new batch. But this batch will roll over into the following batch too, so hopefully if we did miss a batch, we will still get it in the next. For example, batch B will contain batch A again. Batch C will contain batch B again. And so on.

  3. Same here in the UK, batches completely missed so no chance of getting them unless we buy them from the US and pay twice the price plus ridiculous amounts of postage plus VAT. I’m not a big muscle car fan, but I was looking forward to the orange Dodge Charger and the Cadillac. The 9 packs are just filled with leftovers from previous batches, so we’re paying £12 for an exclusive. Mattel don’t really care as long as the US market is happy.

  4. Just caught up with case E at my local Tesco, but no sign of either the Megane or the AMI, did I miss them (managed to get the last Capri and MGB) or have they been pushed back to the next case? Frankly I’d expect the AMI at least to be a bit of a pegwarmer here as the real car doesn’t seem to be sold here and in grey it’s a rather dull model IMHO. But I see both look to be reprised in the early 2023 cases so presumably I’ll get another chance

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